Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts...

  • My house literally looks like it was hit by a tornado. I can't remember the last time it was this messy. I swear if the president showed up at my door I wouldn't let him in right now.

  • I've been a total slack-a** on my situps this week. So now I'm a week behind in my 200 Sit-up Challenge...super.

  • I start training for my sprint triathlon soon. It's in July, so I NEED to get going on this, especially the swimming. But I'm not quite sure how to start.

  • I totally had to look up how to spell triathlon for that previous bullet.

  • If I could have only one food for the rest of my life, it would be pizza.

  • All of a sudden my son is over The Wiggles... and I've got to admit, I miss them a bit.

  • Sometimes when the cat pukes in the basement, I'll "pretend" I didn't see it and wait until my husband goes down there and cleans it up.

  • Ok, sometimes it's not just the basement when I "pretend" to not see it (it's gross, I know).

  • I can't stand New Years Eve. There is SUCH pressure to go out and have fun, and I feel like it never lives up to the hype. I'm almost glad I can't go out anymore, now that I have little kids.

  • At the massage party I went to the other day, I was shocked at how much weight the hostess had gained since I had seen her last. I have to admit... it made me feel better about myself (as horrible as that sounds).

  • All I want is to eat McDonald's for lunch today.

  • Sometimes I spend hours at work watching my kids on the webcam at daycare. I'm surprised I haven't gotten into trouble yet with my IT Dept.

  • When I started my book on tape last week, I didn't realize it was a teen novel. But I'm still listening to it anyway and I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"If Not Now, When?"

Last week, A sent me the link to this blog. It was about this woman, who was a life-long over eater. She always dieted, lost the weight, gained it back, the same vicious cycle that we can all relate to. Anyway one day she said she went to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and there was a woman speaking and she said to the group that every time she felt the need to binge she'd try to stop herself by thinking, "if not now, when?"  When was she going to stop this, when was she going to get healthy? So last week I printed that quote out and I have it taped up in my cube at work and I'm going to make one for me at home to put on my fridge. Because if I don't do this weight loss thing now, at 37 years old, when the hell am I ever going to do this? I've spent soooooooooooo many years NOT doing it. So it's now or never.

Anyway, great quote, I love it and I've already found myself using it when I want to eat bad. So this will be my motto for the New Year. "If Not Now, When?" So thanks for passing that on, A.

Wow... that was awful deep for the first blog of the week, wasn't it? 

We had a wonderful Christmas! The kids were in Heaven, which is all that matters. They just love being surrounded by family. They love to go to Grandma's house, it was just so great watching them bask in all of that. The driving was a bit much for a 2.5 day span, but oh well.

My husband loved his recordable alarm clock. It took J and I several tries to get him to say "wake up daddy" on que. But we finally got it.

Yesterday I had that massage party, which was also great. It was fun to see friends I hadn't seen in years. The kids were surprisingly good. Especially since it took us over 2 hours to get there with all the snow that was falling yesterday. Ugh, I'm already over winter! The way home, not so good. S screamed for about an hour and I almost lost my mind. Literally... LOST... MY... MIND. Little did I know, that she had pooed (sorry if that was TMI) and that's why she was screaming. Good times....

I did get the best massage I ever had though. This lady was wonderful. I don't like a super hard massages and most masseuse's even when I tell them this, still do it too hard. But this lady rocked and it was perfect.

I'm ready to get back on track this week with food and exercise. My husband is in New Mexico until Friday night, so the workouts aren't going to be there much this week. Just whatever I can slip in between working and taking care of the kids. I am going to try to run this weekend if possible. I am really loving running outside this winter. I've never done that before. I've always just stopped running outside once it got cold. But with the right running gear, its really not bad. I mean I ran 4 miles on Friday! How awesome was that? So I think I'm going to keep it up, as long as we don't get a mountain of snow.

Ok, I NEED to get some work done here...


Monday, December 26, 2011

Not Even Waiting.

NOT even waiting for NYE to say it starts today, holy-holiday-heavy.  The beauty is that its not just me, its my normally ultra skinny hubby too.  He got on the scale and was about 10lbs up as well, if you knew him you would understand.  He looks at french fries and loses 3lbs.  Today we started, we have eaten healthy all day (for those of you holiday carbing you understand this is a feat to be proud of) and we have planned meals for all week.  We each even took turns and ran today, each effort starts somewhere - mine is here.
Hope all of you have a wonderful, healthy (or fattening) holiday and are ready to kick things off right.  Strength in numbers!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Sayin'

I ran 4 miles before we left for up north today.... holla!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Ok peeps, we are leaving for northern Michigan tomorrow so you won't hear from me until Wednesday. Have a great Christmas! Here's to getting back on track once all this crazy Christmas stuff is over...

One side note: since we are leaving tomorrow, Santa comes to our house tonight. My 3-year-old keeps trying to convince me to just have "one bite" of Santa's cookies. "He won't mind mommy!"  Suuuuuure he won't....but then mommy would have nothing to eat once you go to bed. (did I just say that out loud?)  =)


The Good's and Bad's of Yesterday

Good = Got up at 6am and worked out before work.

Bad = Entire department went and had Chinese Food buffet for lunch.... ate enough food to feed small village.

Good = Sister-in-law invited me to my first Zumba class last night and I went even though I had already worked-out that day and was very tired.

Bad =  Felt guilty for being away from my kids all day and then only being home and hour and leaving again for Zumba.

Good = Zumba was an AWESOME workout. Sweated my butt off!

Bad = After doing Zumba, realized I might be worst dancer and most uncoordinated person on planet.

Good = My husband, knowing I felt guilty for leaving the kids, kept them awake until after I came home from Zumba so I could see them.

Bad = Had a bagel after kids went to bed because I was so hungry from 2 workouts that day.

Bad = 3am, heard a crashing noise only to find J's basketball hoop had fallen off the wall and smashed into a million pieces on the ground.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cramping + Fat = Can't Run Excuses

A here.
Well, I am both proud of myself and angry at myself. 
Proud: I ran 2x this week already + did my sit ups.  And I do mean ran, not like fast walked but ran - however about 10 minutes in I started cramping each time and then I had to walk and then I ran and then I cramped (you see the succession here). 
That then leads to, well I can't run - I just need to walk - I just don't have the see how this works.
Oh, and I ate an extra dessert last night after dinner - WTF.  COME ON HOLIDAYS, RUDE.


Back in the day, before I had kids, I used to love to go to Spinning class at the gym. I loved that they turned the lights off and you closed your eyes and you just listened to the instructor and the music and just peddled the sh*t out of your bike (sorry, I have a truck driver mouth and I never get to swear at home anymore, so I've got to get it out of me somehow). I loved how just the beat of a song can make you believe that you were actually biking up a mountain, or going crazy fast down one. I think the best shape I've ever been in, was when I was regularly going to Spinning class.

About 6 months before I had my first child, my husband and I invested in a Spinning bike for our home. And my entire first pregnancy I would get up before work and workout on that thing. Me! I know, hard to believe, right? But then my son was born, and time was tight and I didn't get down there as much. Then my daughter was born, time was even tighter, etc. etc. etc.  Anyway, I've been getting back down there on that bike again lately. I had forgotten how much I loved it. Even though I'm not in a class per say, I still can turn out the lights, blare my iPod and close my eyes and imagine myself on a mountain somewhere. Even at 6am in the morning... which is what I did this morning.

I love love love getting my workouts done in the morning. Not only do I feel good all day about myself, but it's nice to get it out of the way and not have it hanging over my head all day. And inevitably something always seems to come up if I wait until the end of the day after the kids go to bed. So I think getting up before work and doing this is really going to work for me. I just wish I could do it more, but I can only do it on the days my husband is home. There's no way to get a workout done before work when I'm by myself, because I've got to get me and 2 kids up, fed and dressed and out the door by 7:20am. But hey, I'll take what I can get.

I did those darned sit-ups this morning again. 180!  I know I say this every time I write about it, but they are getting HARD. The last set was a set of 48 and I had to take a 10 second break about halfway through. But I'm doing them.

Anyway, my eating hasn't been perfect, but I'm not on a full out V binge. Which is what normally happens over the holidays. And I'm getting my workouts in, so hopefully I'll break even this holiday season. I'm looking forward to Christmas this weekend, but I'm also looking forward to the holidays being over and me getting back on track with my eating. It's crunch time in January, with less than 2 months left for me to lose the 19lbs by Feb 20th. I know I'm down, but not sure how much yet. I'll probably use one of my weigh-ins (I only get 3 in this contest) the first week in January, just to know where I'm at.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting For My 'Click'

I've been reading so many blogs about how people think having a food addiction is so hard because unlike smoking or drinking or whatever, you STILL have to eat. And I couldn't agree with that more. I'm not making light of smoking or drinking problems, I'm sure that are super hard to conquer. But I'm such an "on or off" type of person. When I quit smoking back in my 20's, while it was hard, I did it with really no problems. Because in my warped brain it was simple, I just didn't do it anymore. Same when I was pregnant, I just didn't drink. You either do or you don't. But with eating, it's like you have to deal with that addiction, not just every day, but MULTIPLE times a day. Every single time I put food into my mouth, it's a struggle for me to eat healthy. There is always that devil on my shoulder that wants me to put down the apple and eat a piece of pizza instead. It's really hard for me and I'm so sick of the constant struggle.

What makes it even more frustrating is that my sister and brother don't have these issues. Why am I the one who has to have it? My sister is soooooooooooo skinny. Granted she eats healthy 99.9% of the time. But why is it so easy for her to choose healthy? Even my husband is like that. He can have a pizza and a grilled chicken breast in front of him. And he'll choose the chicken breast because he knows it's better for him. Why don't I have this in me?

Let's even take A, for instance. The entire time we've been friends, we were always food buddies. And by that I mean we always either dieted together or were bad together. We always struggled with weight. But after she had her son, something clicked in her head and she just didn't do the yo yo dieting anymore. She just made healthy choices. Where's the 'click' in my head? Am I ever going to have the 'click?' I'm 37 years old, is it ever going to happen?

On a positive note, I worked out after my kids went to bed last night. That's pretty good for me, because I'm just not a night worker outer. I have 10 times more energy in the mornings, so that's why I enjoy doing it before work when I can. But I sucked it up and went down in our basement/gym last night with my husband and did the Total Gym. I'm going to be sooooooooore today, let me tell you. I also did my sit-ups. 180! There is only 2 weeks left of my 200-Sit-Up Challenge. Hard to believe. These next 2 weeks are going to be killer though.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey Holidays, Thanks.

A here. Wait, let me revise - FAT A here.
I am up, up, up on the scale and its just making me sad.  I ran on Saturday and that made me feel a little better but then I ate like crap on Saturday night and ate 3 cookies Sunday night before bed...and when I say "ate" let me say "CRAMMED" them into my mouth.  I don't even like cookies that much yet I kept eating them, growl.
I am going to try and be really good this week to combat the craziness from last week.  I have a bunch of things to do and only a few holiday dinners to partake in.  I am going to try and run every day this week even if for just 20 minutes.  I've not tracked one calorie and have said no to NOTHING.
Am I just setting myself up for failure at this time of year?!

Perfect Holiday Gift

I listen to books on tape on my commute to work. I'm currently listening to 'I Don't Know How She Does It' (they just made it into a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker) by Allison Pearson. Anyway, as I was listening this morning the main character was talking about how her daughter got her this travel alarm clock that recorded her daughter's voice telling her it was time to get up. How perfect for my traveling husband, right? Who doesn't want to wake up to their 3-year-old son's voice screaming "DADDY IT'S TIME TO GET UP!" when they are staying in a nice, quiet, kid-free hotel? So I have been scouring the internet this morning trying to find one that would get here in time for Christmas, without me having to pay a billion dollars in shipping fees. I think I found one, and I guess only time will tell if it gets here in time. Let's hope! It was only $14.95 too! I can't wait! Here's the link:

So yeah... that's pretty much how I've spent my morning here at work, searching the internet for that clock. I bet my company is suuuuuuure glad they hired me.

Other than that, nothing much to report. This weekend was fun. I did ok on the eating at my husband's extended family Christmas on Saturday. Yesterday I did really good, just because we were so busy. I took the kids (along with a friend of mine and her kids) on the Santa Train. It's a train (obviously) that you ride and Santa comes on board and gives the kids presents, etc. The website said it was an hour ride, which I thought would be pushing it with my 1-year-old. She really doesn't like to sit still all that much, but I thought she'd be ok. Well, the darn train was an hour EACH way... sure doesn't say that on the website. So I spent the entire hour ride home, walking S up and down the isle about a zillion times. I was exhausted by the time we got off that damned train. But my 3-year-old, J had fun, which is all that matters.

I work 4 days again this week (Mon-Thurs) and then Friday we are off to my husband's parents house until Christmas morning. Then we'll swing over to Detroit to see my parents and then back home Christmas night. So basically we will be driving all over the state of Michigan in 2 days... good times.

I'm going to try and get 2-3 workouts in this week, to combat any holiday eating I am going to do this weekend. I've got those God forsaken sit-ups too, that I have to do. I swear, I'm starting to hate sit-ups with a passion...


Friday, December 16, 2011

Working Friday

I normally don't work Friday's, but work asked if I could do an extra day this week, so here I am. And here is a post from me on a Friday, which also doesn't normally happen.

I got up at 6am and worked out this morning. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm always up anyway, so 6am is nothing. I got on my spin bike for 30 minutes and then did my sit-ups. 152 of them! They are getting HARD. The final set they usually have you do a ton and sometimes I need to take a break, mid-set. I'm not sure if that's allowed or not, but I can't help it. It's really really tough. A few of the girls that I've been doing this with, have dropped out (as I'm suspecting A has too, since I haven't heard her talk about it in a while, but I'm not for sure) but I'm sticking with it. It seems so often when I do these type of things with my friends, that they usually drop out after a week or two. Why is that? I'm not saying I'm so cool or great, but I would never get into a contest or competition with someone and then just drop out. I guess it's the competitiveness in me. I know my sister will stick to it through the end though, so at least I won't be alone. We have the same competitive genes I guess. But I have to say I'm disappointed that only 3 weeks in there are only 2 or 3 of us left. I promise, I will not quit though.

So the Tuesday after Christmas I was invited to a super fun party. My friend T is having all the girls over, along with all our kids. She's having a babysitter watch the kids while we all get massages in the other room. How fun is that? Of course there will be yummy food and drinks there all day, which I will have to be careful around. But I'm excited, and it's something different. There are going to be a lot of girls there I haven't seen in years. These are my Detroit girls, who I was friends with for years and years. Since I live 2 hours away now, I don't see a lot them too often anymore, so it should be a great time.

Well have a great weekend!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Darn You Holiday Season!

Man it has been rough this past week. There is tempting food EVERYWHERE! Honestly, I don't think I've ever tried to curb my eating during the holidays before. And now I can see why... its hard! Every time I turn around someone is giving us food. Cookies, candies, cakes... shoot me. If I can just break even for the holidays I'll be happy. Then I can shift into Biggest Loser mode for Jan and Feb to get to my 19lbs weight loss goal by Feb 20th.

Yesterday, it was like the Gods were laughing at me. So I take my kids to the mall to see Santa and get some remaining presents. We go to the food court at lunch and I order my kids some food (I had brought a banana for myself). I ordered the children's meals; grilled cheeses, one french fry for them to split and drinks. So the wait for the food is forever, and as I'm finally picking up my tray, the guy gives me THREE orders of fries instead of just the one I had ordered. He was just being nice because I had waited so long, but really? And of course I ate some of them, because I have the willpower of a 2-year-old.... **sigh**

Then this Saturday is my husband's extended family Christmas. I can only imagine the food that will be there. Hopefully I can stay away from it.

At least I got some time to hop on my spinning bike yesterday when the kids were napping. And I did my sit-ups too. Hopefully I can get a run in tonight after work, since its so unseasonably warm here today. For sure I am getting up before work tomorrow morning and hopping back on my spinning bike. I figure if I workout as much as I can, maybe I'll break even on the weight this week.

Wish me luck!

Monday, December 12, 2011

So... Um... Yeah...

... I sorta ate like sh*t this past weekend. I know, I know, stop rolling your eyes at me. Yes, I know I was doing sooooooo well. And then I just screwed up. BUT, but, but, I am back on track today. The old V would have just said F-it and gone down into spiral of bad eating. (btw I have a total truck driver mouth, but I try to be good on this blog).  But I am not going to. I am back on track today.

I did end up running 3 miles yesterday, to try and combat a bit of the eating. I will workout today again. I figure it's the only thing I can do at this point to try and not gain all the weight back.

I swear I'm like an addict sometimes, it's the only way I can explain it. It's like I get a taste of the "good/bad food" and I just can't stop. I just keep going and going... man I have issues.

Other than the whole food snafu, I had a great weekend. We had a good time in Detroit for my niece's birthday party. I ended up only taking my 3-year-old with me because my daughter got a stomach bug on Thursday night and I didn't want to infect the entire house. So only having one kid was like the easiest thing in the world. I can't believe I ever used to complain when I only had one.

My kids went up north with my husband yesterday, so I had an actual day to myself. It was awesome, I got so much stuff done. Mainly wrapping Christmas gifts and just getting caught up on life. Though I have to admit by the end of the day, when I had all my stuff done, I was almost bored. I'm not quite sure how to relax anymore, I'm so used to being busy 100% of the time. I get one more night tonight to myself before they come back tomorrow morning.

I ended up doing 321 Sit-ups last week. They are getting HARD. I can only imagine what this week will be like. So here's to getting back on track this week...


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yay Me!

Ok, I am super proud of myself for yesterday. It was my niece's 13th birthday and I  went over her house with the kids to wish her a happy birthday. Well my sister-in-law had gotten a few pizza's for dinner and everyone was chowing down. AND, I did not have one single bite of it. I mean, if I could have only one food for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. So this was hard for me. Very hard. I even had to cut one of the pieces up into little bites for my 1-year-old and sit her on my lap and feed it to her, piece by piece. Talk about torture. But I did it. Go V!

I'm traveling back to Detroit tomorrow to my parents for the night. I feel like all I ever do is drive to Detroit. It's my niece's 2nd birthday party. So that's why we are headed out. And of course there will be pizza and cake, so yet again it will be a struggle. I am allowing myself one cheat meal a week, so technically I could eat it. But I'm going to try not to.

Sunday morning my husband is going to take the kids up north with him and bring them to his mom's so he can hunt, Sunday/Monday/Tues. So I get the house to myself for 2 days. Whoot whoot! I'm excited that I can get some of this Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped while they are gone. I have to work Monday/Tuesday, but it still gives me the nights free to do this. This will be my last time home alone without the kids break, until next Fall when hunting season starts up again, so I'm going to enjoy it. My mother-in-law lives in Florida in the winter, so they are not around to help out.

I will also make sure I workout every day they are gone. I'm up to 106 sit-ups now for my 200 Sit-Up Challenge. Halfway there. It was hard yesterday, that last set killed me. Its been fun though because my 3-year-old loooooooves when I do them. He tries to do them with me and counts for me. And when I'm struggling, he yells "keep going Mommy!" Its so cute. All day yesterday, he was like "is it time for sit-ups yet?"


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Man I am just HUNGRY today. It took everything I had in me to not jump in my car on my lunch hour and go get some bad food. I had a Weight Watchers meal for lunch along with a cheese stick and I'm still starving.

Today is going to be difficult.... grrr.

Well, Good Morning To Me...

So yesterday I got up at 5:30am and went Christmas shopping. Crazy? Yes. But there was a reason. A store close to my house had 20% off all general merchandise that day. My husband was leaving for a trip later in the morning, so I couldn't go at night after work because I had to go pick up the kids from daycare. And I wasn't dragging them there... I'm not that crazy. Anyway, I went before work and got a lot of shopping done.

Well this morning, because I was up at 5:30am yesterday morning, I was wide frickin' awake. GOD, I seriously cannot sleep anymore. It's so annoying. I mean if I slept til 7am it would be a fabulous thing. 7am...that's it. If 'Single V' could see me now, she'd run away screaming in the other direction.


Vegas. UGH

A here and I am off to Vegas for the week. 
I am still happy to report that I am doing pretty well with the eating and working out.  My sit-up challenge proved to be great last week and I did a total of 94!  For me, thats awesome and I also did the treadmill 4x during the week and Sunday night.  Ask V, thats GOOD for me!
I am a little down because my weight keeps ranging from 129.5-131.5. I just want it off and gone but then I do things like drink a ton of wine on a Thursday and Friday and wonder why I am keeping it on.  I keep trying to stay on track but then in the back of my mind know that I'm working out so I think I have a little wiggle room - but I dont.  I have to get this weight off and I need to stay focused and positive, that will be hard in Vegas as I am surrounding by eating out EVERY MEAL and drinking day and night.  Ugh.  I am going into it at 129.5 and we will see how I come out of it on Friday.  I did bring my workout clothes though - that is a plus!
Have a great week - a

Monday, December 5, 2011

Guess Not

So, I researched any upcoming races in Michigan and there are literally none until the Spring. Well that's a lie, there is a Jingle Balls one next week, but I can't see me training for a 5k in 1 week. After that, there's nothing until Spring. Guess that's living in Michigan for you. Soooooooo,  on to Plan B. My sister-in-law was just telling me about this personal trainer that she has been using that will come to your house. And she's only $20 a session. How awesome right? So I put that on my Christmas list to my family and I know for sure that both my mom and sister-in-law have gotten me some sessions. So I'm super pumped about that. Plus I am going to ask her to make up a program for me to follow, workout wise. See, if I know this lady is coming on a certain day and she told me to get 2 workouts in, before she see's me, I will totally do it, because how embarrassing to say I didn't? (I know that was a total run-on sentence, but that's how I talk... I just ramble, so get used to it.) So that should be a nice boost to the workout plan. I'm still doing my 200-Sit-Up-Challenge. I'm onto week 2. I did a total of 235 sit-ups last week. WHEW! I can't imagine doing that in one day, but that's the goal.

Eating-wise I'm doing well. Not too many slip-ups. AND, I needed to tighten my belt, one more loop hole this past weekend. Yay! I sure wish I could weigh myself, but as the contest rules state, I can only weigh myself 3 times between now and Feb 20th. And I need to wait more towards the end so I know I am within my goal weight. But I was very happy to not only notice results on my body, but also see that I needed that belt tightened.

Today starts 7 days alone without my husband. He is traveling all week and then off hunting this weekend. I want to be annoyed that he's leaving all weekend, but this is the last time he'll hunt for the remainder of the year. So I guess I'll suck it up... sigh.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

5K Race

I think I need to sign up for a race of some sorts. I keep reading these awesome blogs like and and all these people really jump-started their weight loss by doing this.

It's hard for me because I don't have a regular workout schedule, due to my husband's pilot schedule. That and the fact that is winter here in Michigan, so running outside can be difficult. But there is no better motivation to get into shape, than to be signed up for a race. I've done many 5K's and one 10K. So I'm no stranger to this. I just wish I had a friend who would do it with me. Since A lives in Atlanta, that's out. And most of my other local friends are just not very interested in this sort of thing.

Anyway, I think I am going to do some research and see what races are coming up within the next month or two. Any tips for running outside in the winter?


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


LORD its good to step on the scale and see progress!  I am happy to report I am down to 129 and have ran Monday and Tuesday (albeit not a long distance, the effort still counts) and have done my sit-up on Monday and will do them tonight for day #2 AND I have successfully been tracking my foods each day this week.  I needed the boost in confidence as I am feeling pretty down on myself as of late...
Happiness here I come again :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sit-Up Challenge....

...might be harder than I thought.  Ha ha.

Back before I had 2 c-sections, I used to be able to do 500 sit-ups in an exercise class. It was hard, but totally doable for me. Last night I started the 200 Sit-Up Challenge with A and some other friends and I only had to do 67 sit-ups the first night. Yeah.... um... it was sort of hard. My abs are just NOT the same as they used to be. I know that when you get a c-section, they literally cut through your stomach muscles, but I never thought they'd be this weak. Ugh. Oh well, I guess this is why we are doing this challenge. It is going to be HARD though. But I'm up for it... BE GONE FLABBY ABS!


Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Beginning.

Hello, A here.
Today starts a new day!  New week, new month (almost), new outlook on life.  This morning I got up and ran (well, attempted to run) and did my sit-up challenge with V.  It's 11:30 EST and already I am sore, lord knows what tomorrow brings.  I had a great Thanksgiving and drank my weight in wine.  I am 131.5 this morning and it stops here.  I will weigh myself every single day to remind myself of the damage done by the food and drinking that I was happy to take in (and G-D it was good!) but it's gotta stop.  I signed back up for Calorie Count today and I know they are laughing at me, rude.
Anyway, on the path to healthy! 
Happy Healthy Eats to you!


Hello! We survived an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! It was crazy busy, with tons of travel, but all in all I had a blast. I had about 5 minutes of sleep the entire weekend, but who needs sleep anyway?

Wednesday night I went to my mother-in-law's house with the kids, while my husband went to the Hunting Ranch with 'the guys' for the night. We all had a fun girls night with my husband's sister and her girls joining us too.

Thursday, we drove to my husband's brothers house and had a great day. The kids were in Heaven with all the attention and other kids to play with. They both even took a nap there and I had a whole hour to just socialize. I think I almost forgot how to do that... he he.

Friday we headed home, only to pack right back up again and head to Ann Arbor on Saturday to see my family. My brother and niece were in town so it was great to see them. I was still a little bitter towards my parents for blowing off S's 1st birthday party. But I need to just get over it because unfortunately, nothing is going to change on that front. My parents are wonderful people, but they can be very blind and selfish about things like that. That is how they are and I need to just deal with it. It's not like they are going to suddenly change. Besides, I wasn't there for them, I was there to see my brother and niece who I only usually get to see twice a year since they live across the country.

Eating wise I did better than I thought I would. I definitely had a full meal on Thanksgiving, but that was about it. I didn't indulge in anything extra. I even got a run AND a bike ride in on Friday, to burn it off too. It was 60 degrees here, which is crazy for Michigan in November. The one little snafu I had was on Saturday night. I did good allllll day at my parents house. But, we drank wine on Saturday night and I got a little loopy, which lead to eating. DUMB! Anyway, not perfect, but still better than I normally would have done.

I can see that I've lost a few pounds already. Not sure if I mentioned this or not, but part of the contest rules is that I can only weigh myself 3 times between now and Feb 20th. So as much as I would have liked to step on that scale, I am going to wait until it gets closer to Feb 20th so I can see what I weigh when it really counts. Because I am NOT losing.

I saw that A put a post up about what happened to her. I am glad to see her writing about it. Having suffered from a similar loss myself, I know what an emotional rollercoaster having a miscarriage can be. I think talking about it, is the first step to healing though. For any of you readers out there, I'm sure she could use some words of encouragement. So please feel free to write something on her post.

Lastly, A, myself, and 3 other friends started the 200 Sit-Up Challenge today.
I'm super pumped to do this with other people. It makes it fun to get back into shape. And let me tell you, these flabby abs need it!

Well here's a great week of eating healthy and exercising! Woot Woot!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life Must Go On.

and go on it shall...hello from the a side of things.   things have been a lit crazy lately  and i have sad news.  we lost the baby two weeks ago and life has been difficult to say the least.  now i about ten pounds up and no baby. ive been very sad and down but thanks to an amazing weekend with v and her kids along with my son b i am feeling more like me again and need to get the weight back off and feel happy with my body  ive been doing ok but the exercise needs to kick in full gear and i will be participating with v in her sit up challenge. i need all the help and encoragement i can get!!!  this is being posted from my phone so excuse the errors. happy turkey day to all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hunger Point

The first few days of eating healthy really suck. It's almost like you go through withdrawals. This is day 3 and I'm just HUNGRY. But, I know this is a good thing and I will get some great results, so I'm just going to suck it up because I am NOT losing this contest... he he.

Sunday, my mother-in-law threw me a surprise pizza party for my birthday. Yesterday I came to work to find a huge bagel with a big glop of cream cheese waiting for me on my desk. It was very nice of a coworker to save a bagel for me, but no way was I eating it. When she wasn't looking, I wrapped it in a bag and threw it in my trash. THEN today, I got to work and my boss got me 2 gift certificates to McDonald's for my birthday. Again, super nice, but really?  I feel like somehow my husband is orchestrating this to make me suffer... bastard  =)

This past weekend was awesome! The visit from A and her little man was soooooo much fun. It was so nice having her here. We even managed to sneak away from the kids and go have some wine and food at a restaurant. Well, lots of wine and a bit of food. Ok, well we sat up drinking until 1:30am, but COME ON! How often do I get to do that? And I promise you, I paid for it the next day, which of course was my little girl's 1st birthday and I had to cook for 15 people... good times.

Actually little S's 1st birthday was fabulous! Great food, great family, great friends. The kids had so much fun running all around, it was a zoo. But it's always wonderful to be surrounded by the people you love and having A there made it that much more special.

It should be an interesting week to start a diet/healthy eating regimen, being that its Thanksgiving. The only thing I've got going for me is I'll probably be so busy chasing after my kids and trying to make them eat, I won't have much time to eat myself. Let's hope at least.

I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to post for the rest of the week. We leave tomorrow for my mother-in-law's house. Then on Saturday I'm headed to Detroit to see my family since my brother and niece are in town visiting.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seriously.... Can't Move.... Ouch

Soooooooooo, went for that run yesterday. It went well... but I seriously am SO sore today. How pathetic is that? Now, something you should know about me. When I do something, I do it like a million percent. There is no middle road for me. I'm either "on" or I'm "off," hardcore. So the smart person, not having had run for a while, would have done a nice slow jog to test the waters. Me? Yeah, I ran hard and long. Which is what I used to do when I was in shape, but is pretty hard when you are out of shape. So I'm definitely going to be feeling it for a few days. But I'm glad I did it and will continue to do so.

Anyway, Sunday starts my 19 lb weight loss challenge with my husband. says I get 1,600 calories a day to lose the weight by then. So I am super pumped about this. This is really the nudge I needed to get back on the wagon again. Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it's just so easy to pack it on.

And for the most fun news, A gets here tomorrow with her son! I'm getting super excited. I'm happy I get to spend the first night with my kids still gone, so I can actually pay attention to her and her son. Because once my kids get home on Friday, they will be up my butt.

Also my precious little girl's 1st birthday is on Saturday. I cannot believe it's been a year already. I felt like with my son the year went by super slow, but with my daughter it flew by. We are having a family party on Saturday (minus my parents who feel like it's more important to attend the U of M football game, than to come to her party... that's another story for another day). But it should be a fun-filled day with lots of family and a few friends to celebrate.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I know I should be happy having the house to myself. I mean all I seem to do on here is bitch and moan about how busy I am taking care of 2 kids... but I miss my babies!

You would think that I would have had the BEST sleep in the world last night... but I kept waking up listening for my kids, forgetting momentarily that they weren't there. I did that like a billion times. It's hard for me to relax because I'm just used to going and going and going. I think it's going to take a bit for me to remember how to relax again.

Oh, and for the 2nd time in a week, I had a dream about The Wiggles last night. WTF? And in both dreams, I kissed one of The Wiggles (at least it was the same guy in both dreams). I need serious help I think.

I am going to go for a run tonight after work. Its going to be 60 today, probably one of the last warm days we are going to have here in Michigan. So I am going to take advantage of it. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, that means I collapsed from being so out of shape. Wish me luck!


Monday, November 14, 2011

19 lbs

So, my husband weighed himself on Friday and realized he's gained 19 lbs in the past 2 years. Now seriously, the man is so skinny and built, I have no idea where this 19 lbs is. But, he insists he's gained it and is determined to lose it. So he challenged me to a contest (we love a good contest in my house and always have one going between us because we are both extremely competitive) to see who can lose 19 lbs by Feb 20th. If one of us doesn't make this goal, then the other gets to come up with an AWFUL thing they have to do.

So his idea is that if I don't make my goal I have to put a bikini on, and write "I Lost" on my stomach and send that photo to FIVE people (just so you know A, you will be one of the five). Seriously, shoot me. The thing I came up with is that he has to go get a couples massage with me. Now that may sound fabulous to some people, but my husband is FREAKED out by that stuff. Doesn't want any stranger touching him or anything. I get so jealous of my friends and their spouses that go and get these all the time. So, I think it would be hilarious to go do it. Plus, I get a massage out of the deal, so it's a win/win for me. I get to see my husband EXTREMELY uncomfortable and I get a massage....

So here is the nudge I needed to get back on the healthy eating wagon. I think losing this shouldn't be too much of a problem since I have A LOT to lose. Its going to be harder for him because he's skinny now to begin with. So BRING IT ON HUSBAND!

In other news, we survived our weekend of traveling. It was very hard and frustrating at times, dragging two kids to funeral homes, churches, dinners and long car rides. But considering, my kids did great. They looooooooved staying in a hotel. Though it was awesome and both slept through the night, so that helps. But we were exhausted by the time we got home at 10pm Saturday night.

Unfortunately, A was unable to make it this past weekend for a visit (for reasons I will let her discuss if she feels the need) but she is coming to visit me this weekend instead. So I'm pumped for that.

My husband is taking my kids up north today to his mom's so he can hunt. I get the house to myself for 3 whole days! I'm super excited, but also having minor panic attacks about not having my kids with me. I am going to miss them so much. But it will be nice to have some alone time.

That's all for now...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend of Fun... Gone

Well I was so looking forward to this upcoming weekend. My husband is home and I thought we would have some breathing room. BUT my husband's great aunt died yesterday, so we are off to the east side of the state for the weekend. I've never met this woman, but from what I hear, she was wonderful. And by no means do I want to make light of her passing. BUT, we are going to stay in a hotel room on Friday night... with both kids. Seriously, I cannot think of anything less fun than that. OH WAIT, I can! Then on Saturday we have the funeral in the morning and THEN have to hop in the car and drive an hour to my nephew's baptism and then 2 hours home. So my kids will be sitting in quiet churches for the majority of the day. I mean, it's like I can hear the temper tantrums echoing throughout the church already... good times.

BUT, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. My husband is going away hunting next week (Mon-Thurs) AND taking the kids with him to his mom's house. So I get FOUR WHOLE DAYS by myself in my house! I cannot even imagine. Too bad I have to work all week, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

I WILL make sure I workout every one of those darn days. I know I'm going to miss my kids terribly, but I am also pretty pumped to have some alone time.

Still needing to get back on the healthy eating band wagon... tough love from anyone out there?


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fear of The Scale.

Well hello from the A side of things.  I am alive (barely) and I am finally making it to the other side of my first trimester (WOOT!).
I have not blogged in a bit for a few reasons, one of which is due to extreme FATIGUE and extreme hormone issues.  I have been angry and tired and busy and annoyed and irritable and did I mention - tired and annoyed?  Happily though, it's finally passing and I am starting to feel like me again.
That brings the 2nd point to light, the scale.  I have been gung-ho about keeping on track, eating only my "additional 300 calories needed for the baby" (yeah, right) and none of that is going well. Side Note: I firmly believe that male doctor made that claim and I would like to meet him and slap him in the face, no woman would EVER set that standard....or at least one that has had a baby. End result, I've not weighed myself since I stepped on the scale a few weeks ago at the Dr's office. I'm scared to and my tummy is sticking out quite a bit already.  I know weight gain is part of the process, I've worked so hard to get it off that mentally I'm having a hard time adjusting to my new body....and the one that's to come.  I know that's awful to say, but it's true.
Onward and upward, my web-based friends.  Physically fit, I'm trying to be!

Top Things Not To Say To A Pilot's Wife

Are you scared something will happen to him?
No – I actually hadn’t thought about until just now when you said that – so thanks for that!

He’ll be back in no time – Keep busy, he’ll be back before you know it!
Um.... keep busy, really? Cause taking care of 2 kids alone for multiple days on end, isn't busy enough?

Do you feel like a single mom?
This is probably the most common question I get. It's rude. I'm sorry, but single moms are AMAZING people. They do this alone, with no help from anyone. Am I alone alot? Yes. But I also have multiple, upon multiple days at home with my husband. It's an insult to me, and insult to my husband and most importantly an insult to single moms.

Come and visit us!
Thank you very much. But no thanks. Do you really want to help? If so then come and visit ME

Do you get to fly with your husband when he goes on a trip?
Surrrrrre, I can take off at a moment's notice any time a trip pops up. At 11 months and 3 years old, the kids are plenty old enough to stay home alone at this point. And my work? They don't need me to come in.

Do you have family nearby to help?
Yes, but I'm pretty sure I've got it covered, I am quite capable, thanks

don’t know how you do it. I don’t think I could.
What exactly do you mean by that? Would you divorce the father of your children because he’s going away? I’m actually not quite sure how we do it either but I know one thing – you’re right - not everyone could.

-V   =)

Monday, November 7, 2011

November's been kicking my a**

Hello there. Yes, I totally suck and haven't posted in a week! Life has been kicking my butt lately and I'm sorry I've been a total blog slacker.

It started with Halloween weekend. It seemed like the Saturday and Sunday before Halloween we had a party everyday where the kids had to be in full costume. Do you understand how long it takes to get two kids into costumes? Especially an 11-month-old who HATES being in a costume? I would literally be sweating by the time I was done. I had the cutest pink cheetah costume for my daughter, but she refused to wear it. Every time I put it on, she'd rip the hat off and then it just looked like she was wearing a polka dot jumper from hell. So I ended up putting her in my son's old pumpkin costume that she couldn't rip off... oh well.  My son was DJ Lance from the kids tv show Yo Gabba Gabba. He was ADORABLE! Even if the stupid hat and glasses fell off every 2 seconds.

By the time Halloween came around on Monday, it was our 3rd day in a row of wearing these costumes. But we had a great time. My husband got home late Sunday night, so he was able to go trick or treating with us.

Then Daylight Savings decided to wreak havic on my house. I tell you, who ever came up with the idea did not have little kids. My 11-month-old, who normally sleeps until 8am, has gotten up between 6am & 6:30am the past 2 days. I don't even want to know what time my son has been getting up. He normally is up by 6am anyway... lucky for me, he just plays quietly in bed until someone comes in to get him.

Other than that, things have just been crazy busy. My husband left for flight school training last night and he will be gone for the whole week. Soooooo, yet again I'm on my own. My healthy eating has taken a MAJOR backseat to all the craziness going on in my life. I know, I know, its NO excuse to eat like sh*t. But alas, I have been. I'm sure I gained back those 7lbs I lost. I did workout yesterday though, so at least that's something. I need to get back on the wagon. Anyone want to give me some tough love? Please, write anything you want on here, I can take it. Call me a fat a**, call me whatever you want to motivate me. I can take it.

Anyway, I promise I will be back to blogging this week.

AND A comes to visit on Friday with her little boy!  Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evil... Just Evil

Do you know who is evil? The people who write those annoying songs for The Wiggles that I sing in my head ALL DAY LONG at work. I've officially turned into that mom.  That mom who I used to make fun of before I had kids... super.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glorious Wednesday!

Yey! My husband came home last night! Whoot whoot! SO happy! I am going to take full advantage of having a few days to be able to run errands alone. What a rare treat!

Ok, so this cute little cat (probably only around 6 months old) has been hanging around our backyard lately. He's sooooooo cute and very friendly. Its a Calico cat, very pretty coloring, and no collar on. I want to keep it. I already have 2 cats that take WAY too much of my time up. But one of the cats is so old, I doubt he will make it another year. So we'd need to get another eventually to keep my other kitty company. Am I crazy to take on yet another responsibility with a husband who isn't home much? Hell yeah I am... but I still want to keep it. We'll see... my husband seems receptive to the idea. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind in a few...

Other than that, I'm plugging along on trying to eat well. I haven't been tracking my calorie's all that much this past week. I'm still doing ok eating wise, but it's a slippery slope with me, and I need to get back on and start tracking. Its way too easy for me to get out of control otherwise. I always use my husband traveling as an excuse, but I need to stop this. He will always be traveling, so I need to find a way to stick to this whether he's around or not.

So... back to this cat thing..... I still want to keep it!  And now I'm thinking of super cute names. NEED TO STOP!


PS: I've been trying for THREE days to watch last week's episode of The Ringer, and EVERYTIME I fall asleep... is that telling me something? I might need to give up this show.

The Peanut Butter Diaries

Hello from the A side of things.  It's been a bit but it’s not for lack of wanting to post, it's due to lack of time.  I forgot how much being pregnant WIPES you clean of all energy.  I work full time, am a mom to a 3.5yo and I run our home - I'm finding that sometimes its A LOT to deal with and am having mini break downs and freak-out sessions.  Good times.  I am learning to be OK with saying no or letting my husband go to the grocery store for our family (and even do the laundry, baby steps - no pun intended). 
The other thing I am getting used to is eating 24/7.  I have gone 3 years and have been really good (for the most part).  Even when I slip during the week I can typically get back on track.  Now, not so much.  If I don’t eat, I feel like I am going to puke.  Having to work all day I cannot afford to be sick or down and out, even for an hour....and so I eat.  And eat and eat and eat.  Hence the creation of "the peanut butter diaries" - my new obsession is peanut butter.  Specifically peanut butter with butter and peanut butter with bananas on toast - just finished one in fact.  I can eat spoons of the glorious peanut paste and never fill up.  It's looking like baby #2 will have my passion for food, great.
I will admit I am trying very hard to make "smart" decisions.  I will grab an apple or a banana before I grab chips, that’s a big deal for me.  I did eat more of the Trader Joes soy ice cream (well, being honest I finished the carton...) but I am trying to make that a rare occurrence.  7 weeks and 3 days...tick tock goes the pregnancy clock.  Wish me luck and strength!
 - a

Monday, October 24, 2011

In the Home Stretch

Well I survived the weekend. Actually, it was pretty fun. My kids were soooooo good! Seriously, I think they may have been someone else's kids, they were THAT good. Friday, we headed over to my parents house and with my sister's two kids there, it was like a daycare. Everyone was running around and playing. It was fun but sooooo loud. Everyone slept that night and Saturday my mom and I took the kids to Java Jungle to run around. That place was crazzzzzzy, but fun. Saturday night both kids slept again for me! I got to watch a movie in bed with my mom (a rare treat), while my dad was watching football. All in all it was a great weekend. I'm very glad I went. I really didn't want to go because I thought it was going to be so much work. But things were pretty easy actually.

Eating-wise I did much better than the previous weekend. But like I said earlier, that was more because I didn't have time to eat. Literally on Friday, I had a banana until dinner, that's it. So not good.

I still have 3 more days until my husband comes home. These last days are always the hardest because I'm starting to get tired of being alone. Sleep deprivation is starting to catch up to me too. My 11-month-old woke up at 5am for some reason this morning, so I'm trying to stay awake at work today. Thank God for coffee.

The suck thing is, is that my husband comes home for 2 days and then leaves to go hunting on Friday... I really hate hunting season. Really, really, really hate it. I never see my husband because he's either flying or hunting. He does take the kids with him up north sometimes to stay at his mom's while he hunts, so it's a nice break for me. But sometimes it would be nice to actually hang out with my husband... call me crazy. Oh well, one more month and then it will be over for another year.

Here's hoping to a good week!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

And So It Begins...

Well my husband left this morning for a SEVEN day trip. Yes, I said seven days. Normally he only goes on these seven-day trips once a month. But because of several pilots quitting over the past few weeks, this will be his second seven-day trip of the month. Lucky us. So it's going to be a long, lonely week/weekend for me.

Tomorrow is my son's 3-year check up and then I think we will head to my parents for the weekend because they haven't seen the kids in a while. My parents house is the least most, child proofed house on the entire plant. There is glass everything, fake plants, statues, and always a random screw lying around on the ground. So as nice as it will be to be among other people for the weekend, it will be a lot of work for me making sure my 11-month-old won't hurt/eat/break something. But the kids and grandparents will have fun and that's all that matters.

I'll also be dealing with the same issues I did last weekend, which is the whole eating bad when I'm not home thing. I'm going to be much better this time. Probably more for the fact that I won't have time to eat bad because of chasing my kids around, than the fact that I have more willpower this time. But whatever works, right? Though I'm sure I'll make up the calories by the amount of wine I will need to drink at night to try and relax after all of this.

Wish me luck on surviving a daddy-free weekend. If you don't hear from me by Monday, that probably means I've collapsed out of sheer exhaustion.


Monday, October 17, 2011

I Suck...

Well I ate enough to feed a small village this past weekend. SUPER. I went and stayed with my mom this weekend, while my dad was out of town. I started off Friday doing pretty well. But then we went out to dinner and I had a cheeseburger and fries for dinner.... oh it was sinful it was so good. THEN, Saturday I started off very well, determined not to go down this road again. But then lunch was a disaster and so on and so on. Soooooooo, needless to say, I probably gained back most of that 7lbs I lost. I couldn't even get on that scale this morning because it was too depressing. But I'm back on track today!

I have no idea why I'm so bad when I am traveling. I have the hardest time being good. Something about being away from home makes me want to eat horribly. Another thing on the long list of items I need to work on.

Other than the food thing, I had SUCH a great girls weekend with my mom. We watched movies (saw 50/50, SO GOOD!) and drank wine, it was fun. I missed my kids a ton, but with my husband having a 7-day trip starting on Wednesday, it was a much needed rest before the long stretch I've got coming up with the kids alone.

I also got to spend time with my nephew who is only 2 weeks old. He is such a sweetie pie and it was fun to see him again.

Ok, so fresh start for me this week, getting back on track!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Trader Joes, We Are in A Fight

Between Chocolate Covered Potato Chips (yes, the exist and yes they are TO DIE FOR) and this Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream Trader Joes and I may come to blows.  Needless to say I am having a hard time saying no.  I have done very well considering my issues with food but still, I need to make sure to keep things in check. 
I head to the Dr. first thing Monday morning and I will be weighed, hmph.  That should probably knock me back into reality but until then...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Little Bit More About Me

Besides my quest to stop stuffing my face with food, I do have other interests and things going on in my life. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 6 years now. He is a pilot and travels A LOT. It can be very hard sometimes. Before we had kids, I used to love having a few days to myself. But now that we have 2 kids? Not-so-much... I love my children dearly, but after a few days alone with them, 24/7, with no break, I'm about ready to lose my mind. Because of this, I work part time. I'm a graphic designer. Working part time helps me keep my sanity and gives me a reason to get out of my pajamas and put makeup on 3 days a week. I love it. Its the perfect balance of being home and getting me out of the house and among the land of the adults. I know this job won't last forever, so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. Part time job are hard to come by in my industry, and are usually the first to be let go, so I am appreciative of what I have.

I met A while we were in college. She and I were in the same sorority. I got her a job at a restaurant I was waitressing at, and we've been besties ever since. After college and scoring very low-paid and very low-on-the-totem-pole jobs, we moved to a "happening" town in Michigan where all the "cool" young 20-something's were moving to. And boy, did we think we were cool. Handing out our business cards to anyone we met at the bars. I can only imagine the laughter behind our backs as we walked away. But I have to say, I think I had more fun in those early 20 years than I ever have had in my life. Working, drinking, smoking, boys... what fun. After a few years of complete chaos, A got a job offer in another state and moved away from me. It was very hard and I was very sad to see her go. But I would say we are as close now, after living apart for the last 10 years, than we ever have been. Through marriages, children, miscarriages and more drama than I care to remember, we've always been there for each other.

I am very excited to say she is coming to visit me next month with her son B. She has not met my baby daughter yet (who will be one next month!), and I am very excited for the two to meet. It should be a fun visit and I cannot wait to catch up and see our boys play (they are both 3). I am also sooooo excited that she is having another baby. Selfishly I want her to have a girl like I did, so we can be the same. Weirdly, I think she will, since A's and my life, always seem to mirror each other.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Changes and Challenges?

Our wonderful blogging life of 2 best friends trying to lose weight together now takes a dramatic turn.  Hello all, it's A and I am preggers!  Can I accept a challenge of 200 sits up while growing our newest addition?  I will have to google it and find out. 
So V - STAY TUNED - I may or I may not accept -  but not by default.
Here are things that I will not be doing this go round:
  • 1st off, I will NOT be gaining 60lbs
  • I will not be eating doughnuts and butter
  • I will not be eating Granny Smith apples and Carmel Apple sauce
  • and finally, the day I find out the sex of this baby I will NOT be buying a bear claw the size of my head and eating the entire thing in celebration of said sex.
I won’t say it’s been easy so far, now that I know I have a little more leeway in the way of food (I mean, I am eating for two) I have possibly picked up an extra item or two...but I am aware - and that’s a start.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Co-Worker/Cubemate...

Humming all day is NEVER ok!

Thank you, V

I Hate You M&M's

Ok, so obviously I don't have a lot of will power. Obviously, or I wouldn't be in this position. So we had the big bag of M&M's left over from my son's 3rd birthday party last month. And every night this week, they've been calling my name around 10pm. Finally, last night, I had to throw the entire bag out. And not just throw the bag away, I had to literally dump the bag upside down, in the trash... otherwise I could totally see me going in and taking it out. So, they are gone. I'm sure my husband will eventually ask me what happened to them and then I'll get "the look" from him. "The look" that says 'why can't you just not eat them?' 

See my husband is in fabulous shape. He works out twice a day when he's on the road. Eats healthy 99% of the time. And he just doesn't get why I constantly go on these crazy diets, fail, and then whine to him. He loves to say, "why can't you just eat healthy?"  BUGS ME! I DON'T KNOW WHY I CAN'T JUST EAT HEALTHY.

Anyway, problem solved, M&M's are gone. Stupid M&M's....


Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Challenging You, A!

Ok A, I've got a challenge for you. There is this site called

A and I previously started the 100 pushup one, but due to me straining my wrist, I had to stop (though once my wrist heals, I will do it again). So I'm thinking a change is in order and we do the situp challenge. It is a six week training program that will get us to complete 200 consecutive sit-ups. This is a bit sad for me, because before I had kids, I could do 500 situps at once. But none-the-less, you've got to start somewhere.

Challenge accepted, A?



I lost 7lbs over the past week and a half. I'm super pumped. This is after chowing down on M&M's at 10pm last night... WTF? I was so good this past weekend. I didn't eat the pizza that was served at my friends house on Saturday. At the pumpkin patch yesterday, I didn't eat the donuts that everyone else was eating, and then I go and F it up by eating M&M's at 10pm last night. I don't get me sometimes. But having seen the 7lb drop this morning, I think I'll be fine and that will be me the little push I needed.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 1. Done.

A big step for A today, I not only input all of my food into yesterday but I woke up and did it again today.  While this may seem lame to the general public it a BIG step in my continuous battle in wrapping my head BACK around getting on track.  The flip has been switched, I am in GO mode - just need to stay there. 
Keep the positive vibes-a-comin...A

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well Hello Food, I Wish I Could Say I've Missed You...

I'm "A" and I'm officially unhealthy and flabby.  It sucks to say it out loud, but its true.

My entire existence has been one long struggle with food.  I've weighed everything from 118 (adult lowest) - 187 (day I gave birth).  My approach to 9 out of 10 things is EXTREME black and white, do A - you will invariably get B.  X will ALWAYS = Y in my book.  It keeps me in control and I am in control of everything (or so I like to think).  Simple.  Eat the m&m's my son was given, BAM weight to the hips.  Drink the extra glass of wine, KAZAMM extra cellulite for my thighs.  Thanks.  And yet here I am again, addressing the same issues I've fought throughout life.  But today it stops.

So here is what you need to know about me going forward.  The heaviest I’ve ever been was also the happiest day of my life – the day I gave birth to my son.  I used my pregnancy as the ultimate foodie experience.  I said no to NOTHING.  Ice Cream in the middle of the night?  Yep.  Donuts in the microwave covered in butter?  Sure did.  3 pieces of work birthday cake – you betcha, add it to my accomplished list.  When I came home from the hospital something clicked inside of me, I made the decision to NEVER again be large.  I went from a size 14-16 to a size 4 in 2 years.   For the first time in my life I did it the right way, I watched my calories – ate right – stopped wine – even worked out and I felt AMAZING. 

Yet here I am again.  I will refer to this stage as the “lifestyle creep”.  Because I have kept the weight off for a solid 3 years I have started to get comfortable and being totally honest, a little cocky.  I am back to drinking wine every weekend, never counting calories and because I walk our dog daily (well, most days) I think I can say yes to things I have for so long been able to keep at bay.  Lifestyle creep back in full effect. 

My wake-up call came Monday when my bestie V, who I rely on for everything, told me she was leaving me to correct her weight issues – on. her. own.  Understand, up until this point, we’ve struggled with weight – together. We’ve done food contests, workout contests and 1-bazillion diets together.  We’ve struggled with everything together and immediately my only child sense of abandonment kicked into full gear. I finally admitted to myself what was really going on and realized it was time to get BACK in control of my life before it spiraled too far down.

And here we are.  We’re now bloggers.  And I think, for the first time, in a very long time, we’re on a very healthy and good path for success.  Admittedly and selfishly much to my enjoyment – we’re doing it together. 

I’m 5’1.5” and my goal weight is 118.  I have struggled over the past 8 months with the same 10 lbs and I am determined to get them off. 

Here we go, wish us luck.

Here Goes Nothing...

Hello, I'm V and I’m officially fat. There, I said it. I know it’s not politically correct to say this, but it’s the truth. Sure, I can blame the fact that I have a 3-year-old son and a 10-month-old daughter. I have a husband who travels constantly (he’s a pilot). And I could sit here and whine how I have no time to work out and make healthy food for myself. But that’s not it. See, while I’m hands down the heaviest I’ve ever been, I’ve always had issues with my weight. I love food. Love it! I could eat all day. I don’t have an underlying issue that I use food to cope with. I just love to eat. And I love to eat bad foods. At 5 feet 9 inches, I can pack the food away! I think people would be shocked at how much I actually eat. Being tall I used to be able to hide it pretty well. But now after 2 kids, there is no hiding it anymore.

I’ve tried all the diets. Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Dukan Diet, counting calories. And when I’ve followed them, sure I lost weight. But as with anything, old habits came back and the weight crept back on. So, I’m not going on a diet. I’m making a life style change, here and now! I will do this by watching my daily calorie intake, since my portions are out of control. But that’s it. I will try and exercise when I can. But with my husband gone a lot and two kids hanging on me 24/7, I know I just won’t be able to work out as much as I used too. So, really it’s going to be all about the food and keeping track of what I put in my mouth.

See, while I love to eat, I do love to work out. I love to bike, run, and lift weights. My goal is to do a sprint triathlon by the end of next summer. The problem, is that I don’t have the time to do this that I used too. Sure after my kids go to bed I could workout at 8pm. But let’s be honest, after being home with my kids all day, with no break (especially when my husband is out of town), I just want to chill. I know this is a problem and something else I need to work on. But first things first, let’s start with the food. Usually when I’m good with the food, I’m good with the working out.

So since nothing has worked for me long term, my best friend A and I thought we'd start this blog to post about our weightloss struggles. I’m sure no one really wants to hear me whine all day about how hungry I am. But I just feel like if I have to write about my weight loss, the good and bad, maybe I’ll be more apt to stick to it this time. It’s almost like being accountable for my actions, just anonymously.

My goal is to be 160lbs. I was that weight at my sister’s wedding 4.5 years ago, and I think that is an attainable goal. So by using to track my calories I get 1,655 a day. I get more if I exercise, so that’s good. So today is day #1 on this long long long journey of losing 40lbs. says I should reach my goal weight by April 3, 2011. And that’s with no screw ups, so its going to be a while. But I’m ready to do this, I’m ready to be healthy and I’m ready to feel good about myself again.

Wish me luck! V
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