Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seriously.... Can't Move.... Ouch

Soooooooooo, went for that run yesterday. It went well... but I seriously am SO sore today. How pathetic is that? Now, something you should know about me. When I do something, I do it like a million percent. There is no middle road for me. I'm either "on" or I'm "off," hardcore. So the smart person, not having had run for a while, would have done a nice slow jog to test the waters. Me? Yeah, I ran hard and long. Which is what I used to do when I was in shape, but is pretty hard when you are out of shape. So I'm definitely going to be feeling it for a few days. But I'm glad I did it and will continue to do so.

Anyway, Sunday starts my 19 lb weight loss challenge with my husband. says I get 1,600 calories a day to lose the weight by then. So I am super pumped about this. This is really the nudge I needed to get back on the wagon again. Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it's just so easy to pack it on.

And for the most fun news, A gets here tomorrow with her son! I'm getting super excited. I'm happy I get to spend the first night with my kids still gone, so I can actually pay attention to her and her son. Because once my kids get home on Friday, they will be up my butt.

Also my precious little girl's 1st birthday is on Saturday. I cannot believe it's been a year already. I felt like with my son the year went by super slow, but with my daughter it flew by. We are having a family party on Saturday (minus my parents who feel like it's more important to attend the U of M football game, than to come to her party... that's another story for another day). But it should be a fun-filled day with lots of family and a few friends to celebrate.


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