Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fear of The Scale.

Well hello from the A side of things.  I am alive (barely) and I am finally making it to the other side of my first trimester (WOOT!).
I have not blogged in a bit for a few reasons, one of which is due to extreme FATIGUE and extreme hormone issues.  I have been angry and tired and busy and annoyed and irritable and did I mention - tired and annoyed?  Happily though, it's finally passing and I am starting to feel like me again.
That brings the 2nd point to light, the scale.  I have been gung-ho about keeping on track, eating only my "additional 300 calories needed for the baby" (yeah, right) and none of that is going well. Side Note: I firmly believe that male doctor made that claim and I would like to meet him and slap him in the face, no woman would EVER set that standard....or at least one that has had a baby. End result, I've not weighed myself since I stepped on the scale a few weeks ago at the Dr's office. I'm scared to and my tummy is sticking out quite a bit already.  I know weight gain is part of the process, I've worked so hard to get it off that mentally I'm having a hard time adjusting to my new body....and the one that's to come.  I know that's awful to say, but it's true.
Onward and upward, my web-based friends.  Physically fit, I'm trying to be!

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  1. Keep up the great work!! I felt the same way, dont worry about it!


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