Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Beginning.

Hello, A here.
Today starts a new day!  New week, new month (almost), new outlook on life.  This morning I got up and ran (well, attempted to run) and did my sit-up challenge with V.  It's 11:30 EST and already I am sore, lord knows what tomorrow brings.  I had a great Thanksgiving and drank my weight in wine.  I am 131.5 this morning and it stops here.  I will weigh myself every single day to remind myself of the damage done by the food and drinking that I was happy to take in (and G-D it was good!) but it's gotta stop.  I signed back up for Calorie Count today and I know they are laughing at me, rude.
Anyway, on the path to healthy! 
Happy Healthy Eats to you!

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