Monday, December 5, 2011

Guess Not

So, I researched any upcoming races in Michigan and there are literally none until the Spring. Well that's a lie, there is a Jingle Balls one next week, but I can't see me training for a 5k in 1 week. After that, there's nothing until Spring. Guess that's living in Michigan for you. Soooooooo,  on to Plan B. My sister-in-law was just telling me about this personal trainer that she has been using that will come to your house. And she's only $20 a session. How awesome right? So I put that on my Christmas list to my family and I know for sure that both my mom and sister-in-law have gotten me some sessions. So I'm super pumped about that. Plus I am going to ask her to make up a program for me to follow, workout wise. See, if I know this lady is coming on a certain day and she told me to get 2 workouts in, before she see's me, I will totally do it, because how embarrassing to say I didn't? (I know that was a total run-on sentence, but that's how I talk... I just ramble, so get used to it.) So that should be a nice boost to the workout plan. I'm still doing my 200-Sit-Up-Challenge. I'm onto week 2. I did a total of 235 sit-ups last week. WHEW! I can't imagine doing that in one day, but that's the goal.

Eating-wise I'm doing well. Not too many slip-ups. AND, I needed to tighten my belt, one more loop hole this past weekend. Yay! I sure wish I could weigh myself, but as the contest rules state, I can only weigh myself 3 times between now and Feb 20th. And I need to wait more towards the end so I know I am within my goal weight. But I was very happy to not only notice results on my body, but also see that I needed that belt tightened.

Today starts 7 days alone without my husband. He is traveling all week and then off hunting this weekend. I want to be annoyed that he's leaving all weekend, but this is the last time he'll hunt for the remainder of the year. So I guess I'll suck it up... sigh.

Happy Monday!

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  1. V - you should go ahead and sign up for that Jingle Bells 5k next week and walk/run it! You will be surprised how well you will do. Even if you didn't do what you felt was a good time, you would still be able to say you did it and be proud of yourself for it.

    I love the idea of a personal trainer coming to your house! And for only $20 a session?! That's a super deal! Wish we had something like that around here. I will have to do some research.

    As for my sit-up challenge to myself, I can so far do FIVE at a time! haha Pathetic, I know, but it is a start. Tell me a bit about your challenge. Do you do a certain number a day or a week? You are working up to 200 in a day, right? How long have you given yourself to accomplish that?

    Keep up the good work! I love it when I can move a belt notch in the right direction! Good for you!


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