Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Sayin'

I ran 4 miles before we left for up north today.... holla!



  1. Where do you go Up North? I'm from the U.P. Live in VA now. I found your blog through one-twenty-five. I am on a similar road as you....37 y.o., heaviest ever been, need to get my a$$ in gear, etc.

  2. HOLLA YO! So proud of you V!

  3. Diane, we definitely don't go as far Up North as the U.P. This is just north of where we live in Western Michigan. We go to the Claire area (right smack in the middle of the state). My husband always gets annoyed when I call that "up north" since it's really not all that north... ha ha. Where in the U.P. are you from?

  4. I grew up in Munising and went to college at NMU in Marquette!


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