Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vegas. UGH

A here and I am off to Vegas for the week. 
I am still happy to report that I am doing pretty well with the eating and working out.  My sit-up challenge proved to be great last week and I did a total of 94!  For me, thats awesome and I also did the treadmill 4x during the week and Sunday night.  Ask V, thats GOOD for me!
I am a little down because my weight keeps ranging from 129.5-131.5. I just want it off and gone but then I do things like drink a ton of wine on a Thursday and Friday and wonder why I am keeping it on.  I keep trying to stay on track but then in the back of my mind know that I'm working out so I think I have a little wiggle room - but I dont.  I have to get this weight off and I need to stay focused and positive, that will be hard in Vegas as I am surrounding by eating out EVERY MEAL and drinking day and night.  Ugh.  I am going into it at 129.5 and we will see how I come out of it on Friday.  I did bring my workout clothes though - that is a plus!
Have a great week - a

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  1. A - your time in Vegas doesn't have to be a huge climb on the scale. Go into with the thought that you want to maintain your weight. When you are looking at the menu, choose the lighter fares. Have one drink instead of three or make sure you choose drinks that are lower in sugar, sodium, etc. I know it doesn't sound fun but you will be so much happier with yourself when you return home and hop on the scale. (I remember my pride when I came home from a week in Mexico and I still weighed the same as when I left!) You have been working so hard... don't allow a week in Vegas to be a food/drink party. Regardless, any weight you gain there should come right back off when you get back into your daily routines. Good for you for taking your workout clothes! (That's more than I can say for myself!)


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