Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Changes and Challenges?

Our wonderful blogging life of 2 best friends trying to lose weight together now takes a dramatic turn.  Hello all, it's A and I am preggers!  Can I accept a challenge of 200 sits up while growing our newest addition?  I will have to google it and find out. 
So V - STAY TUNED - I may or I may not accept -  but not by default.
Here are things that I will not be doing this go round:
  • 1st off, I will NOT be gaining 60lbs
  • I will not be eating doughnuts and butter
  • I will not be eating Granny Smith apples and Carmel Apple sauce
  • and finally, the day I find out the sex of this baby I will NOT be buying a bear claw the size of my head and eating the entire thing in celebration of said sex.
I won’t say it’s been easy so far, now that I know I have a little more leeway in the way of food (I mean, I am eating for two) I have possibly picked up an extra item or two...but I am aware - and that’s a start.

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