Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hereeee Kidney, Kidney, Kidney

I had my sonogram today and it turns out that I have only my right kidney - yes, you read correctly I have only one kidney - my left.  This has to be one of the most surreal situations ever, I feel like I should at least weigh less...but I don't.
I was able to scoot in at 10:45 today and BEGGED the tech to tell me one way or the other as I've been going MAD not knowing.  Loads of research later and it could be genetic and I will be getting B scanned hopefully next week to ensure he is rockin 2 of those bad boys and not just one. 
Next obvious question - what does this mean.  Well, I'm not exactly sure.  I have to go and see a nephrologist and I now have to watch all medicines I take going forward.  Apparently my Left kidney is larger to compensate but overall looks normal.  Does this mean I have to cut back the wine?
I've booked a trip home to see my mom with B for a long weekend which means I get a stop over with V!  Much needed family time and I need my BF for sure.  Somehow that helps me to feel better knowing I get good BF and family time in just a short while.
Any advise of knowledge of this is appreciated! 
thanks, a

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  1. That is SO crazy about your kidney. Like, I can't believe it. When I did some research online I didn't see anything about cutting back on drinking, so that's good at least from the wine aspect. Oh, and don't forget you are not allowed to participate in the rodeo either. :)

    So excited you are coming to spend the night next month! Just what I need when husband is away at flight school


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