Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Is life ever just easy? The simple answer is no.  I am forever an optimist, always looking for the positive side of things but sometimes life kicks you enough times that I have to ask myself - where is the lesson here? Does G-d think I am that strong? Apparently so.
Long and short, I had been having some back issues for the last few weeks (right around the time Zumba started for me) and this past Sunday it went completely out and I had to go to the ER.  Awesome.
Today I went to the Spine Clinic here @ Northside and they were fabulous.  I have to go for an MRI on Friday and I have a big, rockin pack of steroids that I have to take.  I welcome it all as back pain I've now learned is the worst thing in the world.  I COULD NOT move for 2 days, was OK yesterday and it hit again last night.  My temper is through the roof and poor B & E are getting the brunt of it - sucks for everyone right now.  I will admit, with the first two doses of meds down I am feeling 10x better.  Let the healing begin....and continue!
Through this I hear my appetite will be outrageous. Great, just what I need.  My body is currently all stopped up and bloated from the bazillion meds they pumped into me on Sunday and what I dont need now are extra pounds. I just need to lose this weight and it feels no matter how hard I try I cannot succeed.  Need.  Help.
~ your friend in the web, a

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