Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm So Going to Get Fired

I had to call off work again today, because J woke up with a fever and a tummy ache. I'm assuming he got my stomach bug. This is probably the 4th time I've had to call off work in the past 2 months due to one of my kids being sick. They've GOT to be getting sick of this (no pun intended). But when you have a pilot-husband who travels for a living, I'm the one who has to stay home when someone is sick.

Anyway, the only positive is I can probably squeeze in a workout today, since I'm home. I still brought S to school today. We've already paid for both kids to be there. But I am totally feeling mommy guilt right now. I didn't really have to bring her. But with husband gone for 7 days, its sooooo much easier just have one child at home. I'll definitely go get her early today. Stupid guilt....

I'm pretty sore already from running intervals yesterday. And I was BEAT last night. I think I fell asleep at 9pm. Guess I know my weak area and what I need to work on.


Food Log 3/8/12:

Protein Shake


shrimp, sauteed in garlic, lemon juice, black olives and reduced fat feta cheese


Hoping to get a 30 Day Shred in

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