Monday, March 5, 2012

Karma's a B*tch

Well, I got the darned stomach flu or food poisoning this weekend. I still can't figure out which it was. I was feeling a bit "off" on Friday, but didn't think too much of it. Then I woke up on Saturday morning and had shooting pains in my stomach. It felt similar to like when you have food poisoning, which is what I thought it was for a while. But then as the day progressed, I got the chills, fever, achy bones, the whole 9 yards. YUCK! I never actually got sick, but was just lucky enough to feel like I was constantly going to get sick, so I'd run into the bathroom, pull my hair back... and nothin'. I almost wish I had gotten sick, because I bet I would have felt better.

What made things even more fun, was husband was gone. So while all these lovely things were happening to me, I had to take care of 2 children. Boy, that was karma getting me back for something I did. (shouldn't have cut in front of that little girl in line at the library the other day...)

It was hard because I was STARVING and my stomach was constantly growling, but all food sounded gross to me. That, coupled with the horrible, stabbing stomach pains, did not make me want to eat. The only thing that sounded good to me was toast with peanut butter. So on Saturday all I had to eat were 3 pieces of the toast with peanut butter throughout the day. And on Sunday, I had 2 pieces of the toast and managed to keep down some Chicken Noodle Soup.

My stomach is still in shambles today, but I feel a lot better. Eating is just hard for me. I managed to gulp down a protein shake this morning on the way to work and my tummy is not happy with me. But COME ON, it's day 3, I need to eat something more than toast.

On a positive note, my dress pants are literally falling off of me. This is not just a figure of speech, I am holding them up as I walk. I know this from not eating for 2 days and will be short lived, so I'll try and enjoy it while it lasts... ha ha.  I so should have weighed myself this morning...

Anyway, so that was pretty much my weekend. I haven't worked out in a 100 years because of this. I have a personal training session today at 5:30pm. That should be interesting. I am going to get my butt kicked, I have a feeling. I don't want to cancel, because I'm not going to be able to meet up with her again until March 14th. So I will suck it up. Plus I have a 5K race in 2 weeks and I've barely been able to run. I guess winter finally decided to show up here in Michigan and it's been constant snow for us lately.

I know A has been M.I.A. a lot lately. She's got quite a lot of crazy going on in her life right now. She's been traveling a ton and a VERY hurt back. She see's a specialist on Wednesday, so bare with her and her lack of posts for a while. Guess you are just stuck with me  :)


PS: Yesterday, J was taking his hand and rubbing it all over my tummy and up and down my legs. When I asked him what he was doing he said "I'm fixing you mommy, so you feel all better today." My little dude!

Food Log 3/5/12 (not sure if I should even bother today, since NOTHING is staying in me... ugh):
Protein Shake:

a few almonds

apples with peanut butter

3 scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cheese
4 snackwell cookies

Personal Training Session


  1. Oh no, that's the worst kind of sickness too! I can't believe you still had to watch your kids during all this. I am normally on the floor or in bed the whole time.

  2. (shouldn't have cut in front of that little girl in line at the library the other day...)

    You seriously crack me up with this stuff. really nice V...and yet so something I would do.....


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