Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Things I'm Thinking About Today...

1. I started doing some volunteer design work for The Hope Project yesterday. I'm very happy to be helping such a great organization but it's freaking me out to read all these statistics and sad stories of these children that have been stuck in child trafficking. HORRIBLE!

2. I totally invited my kids and I over to my friend's house for dinner on Saturday... I am so tacky.

3. Read this blog post at work yesterday, and literally sat there in my cube, balling my eyes out. It's an AMAZING story:

4. A coworker said to me yesterday: "is your husband ever home?" Um, rude much? He travels for his job people, it's not like he's out gallivanting around just for kicks. This from the woman who I can hear arguing with her husband on the phone, on a daily basis, for all of us to awkwardly hear... hmpf!

5. This morning, I told J he had to finish his breakfast before he left the table. He then told me "we can't be best friends anymore."

6. Signed up for another 5k race with a friend today. That makes 5 races I'm signed up for between now and July. I've got a 5k run, March 17th. 5k run April 21st. 10k run on May 12th. A 52-mile bike race on May 19th. Sprint Triathlon in July. Am I crazy? And if I don't lose weight from all of this I'm gonna be pissed.

7. I've been watching One Tree Hill since the beginning. I'm have heart palpitations that the series is ending next month... I feel like I grew up with those characters. (I heart Dan Scott)

8. Why do my kids always seem to choose a quiet library to throw a temper tantrum?

9. When I texted that question to A earlier, she responded with "because they hate you." Hmmm, she might be onto something.

10. I hurt my elbow while playing tennis in Florida 2 weeks ago and it's still really hurting me. That, coupled with the fact that my knee is still bothering me from the other day, is making it really hard for me to decide what the heck to do for my workout today that wouldn't involve using my knee or elbow. Advice?


Food Log 3/2/12:
Protein Shake

Protein Bar

Grilled cheese & salami sandwich


Not sure yet. Core ab work maybe?

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  1. Gosh, I can't believe your coworker would say that to you. That IS rude... the shit people say sometimes...


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