Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I've Accomplished Today

• Did my first Jillian 30 Day Shred workout in 3 weeks... ugh! It was SO hard (Was happy that my butt/glute muscle didn't seem to be hurting during the workout)

• Took my kids to the park

• Went grocery shopping

• Made my healthy lunch (with vegetables!) for work tomorrow

• Ate a massive bowl of green beans (more vegetables!) for lunch the size of my head (along with some almonds and cheese)

• Got both kids to nap at the same time, giving me a much needed break

• Did the dishes AND laundry

Things I Still Need to Do:

• Shower... Jillian workout = stinky V

• Make banana muffins before my bananas start growing legs and walking away

• Put laundry away

• Go to the library AND back to the park. (I promised J we could go back after his nap... super)

• Make a healthy dinner for myself and the kids

• Don't get pizza for dinner! J keeps asking for it and we all know my love affair I have with pizza... MUST NOT CAVE!



  1. Yeah, those 30 day shred workouts are INTENSE!! She's all peppy and upbeat the whole time and I just wanna punch her! :) (in a nice way)

    Sounds like you had a great day! Good job with all those veggies. You could always make Cauliflower Pizza crust and top with MORE veggies :) It wouldn't TOTALLY be "caving"!

  2. I love the Jillian videos for how fast and intense they are!! I do Ripped in 30 and can't get through the Week 3 workout, but yet week 2 is almost too easy!
    BTW- I envy your day :)


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