Thursday, March 22, 2012

MRI Results + A Few Other Things

Well hello skinny web friends!
Had my MRI results yesterday and it seems that all is GREAT with my back!  Some minor disc bulging (well, that could have been my hips too, har har har) that is getting better but overall I can get back to Zumba and my normal activities!  I'm so happy, I have to keep up with PT (which is still annoying to me, though I'm SUPER sore from the other day) and all should be fine.  Doesn't mean I don't run the risk of it happening again but I will work towards strengthening and try to keep it at bay.
One slightly alarming thing that they did mention, they were unable to locate my left kidney.  Now, the Dr. had a good chuckle about this as she kept saying that the MRI was not meant to look for kidneys but as they didn't see it...they had to mention it...twice in my documentation.  Now, this just makes me uncomfortable - was it stolen in college on a drunken stupor night?  Have I been operating on one this whole time? WTF!  WHERE IS MY KIDNEY!  The little things...
On another note - I must know, is the magic number 700?  Like, I need to tell B 700x to do the following things:
  • Stop pulling his pants down and pretending to gas at me
  • Put on his shoes
  • Brush his teeth
  • Eat his breakfast
  • Stop pulling his pants down and pretending to gas at me
  • Get into the tub
  • Go to his room for jammies
  • Stop kicking Crozzies toys around the house
  • Get back in the house
  • Sleep in his bed
  • Stop pulling his pants down and pretending to gas at me
Annoying to say the least.  And nothings says "Hey Thursday" like a 7a melt down.  Awesomeness.  However, I refuse to let it get to me - off and running for another fantastic Thursday!

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  1. Haha I got an EKG yesterday and my blackberry was going crazy with urgent work emails and the doctor was like "um excuse me ma'am (? MA'AM? I am 28) you need to put that away" and thought I was insane. But at least I have my kidneys...


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