Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today is New Day

What a crazy week it feels like!  I am off and running, now mid-week and am getting ready for a month of travel - no fun.  This means that I'll be eating on the road and need to get my head wrapped around that thought too.  UGH, you know I've not been great and though I have the pass to go back to Zumba do you think I've been?  Annnnnddd that would be no.  Need to pull it together, I will start by taking Crozzie for a walk this afternoon, that will force me out of the house and force me into some sort of physical activity.
On a super fun note, E and I went shopping for mattresses last night and ended up ordering one of those Tempur-Pedic™ beds, I've never laid on anything so comfortable in my life! I cannot wait for it to get here, I pulled the - I have a super bad back and only one kidney card and I "think" that pushed E over the edge for it.  Of course we had a nice scrap about it but oh well, happy comfy bed is on its way!
Hope all is well in your worlds, help me get skinny web friend - I need IT!

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