Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shot in the Arm

Yesterday rocked! It was 80 degrees here in Michigan... in March. It shattered any records we had. LOVED IT! What I didn't love? The tetanus shot I had to get at my annual check-up. I seriously feel like I got a bullet in the arm. WHY do they hurt so bad?

My trainer ended up canceling on me yesterday due to illness. But I still got my butt outside and did 3 miles of interval running. Then, husband and I got our bikes out, threw the kids in the bike carrier and biked to the park. I gave husband the luxury of pulling both kids on his bike (hey that's 70lbs he's pulling!) because I'm not crazy I was pretty beat from running already.

But I can BARELY walk today, I am so sore! How is it that I can jog 3 miles without stopping and never be sore. But I do intervals and I can't move? Anyone know the answer to this? Its working the same muscles, so I'm highly confused.

It's good that I did all that working out yesterday, because I went out to lunch and ate enough to feed a small village. Not sure why I thought it was ok to do this, but oh well, what's done is done. Man it was good though.

We are going to out eat with some other couples tomorrow night for the birthday of a friend of mine. I'm not good with going out to eat (see paragraph above). I ALWAYS make very poor choices. But I am going to follow the advice of a fellow blogger ( I am going to look at the menu online ahead of time and choose a healthy meal. So when I sit down, there's no even opening the menu, looking at all the yummy foods and making a bad choice. With 99% of restaurant menu's online now a days, this is a GREAT idea. Especially for someone like me who notoriously makes bad choices when going out to eat.

I have a 5k race on Saturday. A neighbor's husband has cancer, so a bunch of us are running in Spectrum Hospital's Irish Jig 5K race to fight Colon Cancer. I think most of my neighbors are walking in this, but I am going to be a d*ck and run it. I can always walk back a ways once I finish to walk it with them. I'm not too concerned about this race, 3 miles shouldn't be too bad, even with my lack of running lately. Though there are a few hills I hear.


Food Log 3/15/12:
Protein Shake with skim milk and fresh strawberries

Fresh Strawberries

Egg whites with turkey sausage


  1. The worst is when you do look ahead and not a single item is healthy on the menu. :/

  2. The reason you get sore with intervals is because you're using muscle confusion. When you jog, your muscles get used to it, its like they're an assembly line all working at the same pace. WHen you do intervals (which are amazing for fat burning and muscle building) you're using power (speed + strength). Highly recommend intervals if you want to increase fat burning, and cardiovascular strength.

    1. That makes total sense! Thank you. I definitely want to increase my fat burning... I've got a lot to lose

  3. You must be local to me! 80s here have been nuts--I have absolutely nothing to wear!

    (Found this in a BBC link)

  4. I'm in Grand Rapid, Cara, where are you at? And yes, nothing to wear at all!


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