Monday, March 19, 2012


I cannot stay good for too long, apparently just not in my nature and now I'm afraid to weigh myself.
I ate fairly well all weekend except for yesterday as a direct result of too much wine Saturday night, where we hosted my boss and his wife.  Yes, you read correctly.  We hosted my boss and I was hung over Sunday which tells you that I drank too much.  ALWAYS a good career move, note to self - curb it.
Off and running already today and I have PT 3x this week - annoying.  Can I get back to Zumba anytime soon or is my Zumba career over due to the back issues.  Awesomness.
More later web friends,


  1. Sorta like the time we had Gail over and got completely WASTED?

  2. Honestly V, I TO THIS DAY cannot even think about that without shuddering...Just embarassing...WHY!


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