Friday, March 16, 2012

Words That People Have Googled and Found our Blog

1. chubby
(sweet, thanks Google)

2. "bye hair"
(kinda of miss my long hair now)

3. lost 5lbs from the flu
(I still love you stomach flu)

4. best chubby
(yeah, this one freaks me out a bit)

5.  imfeeling like shit
(this could be from any number of posts from A and I)

6. playdoh fun facts
(this peanut butter playdoh is still sitting in a tupperware container on my counter, never having been touched since that first day I made it. Sure glad I went through all that work)

7. amsterdam coolest city
(it SO is!)

8. the 80 s i haven t been
(not even sure what this means, or what this person could have possibly been looking for)

9. the room where all of the
(the room where all of the what???? WHAT room?!!? Don't leave me hanging!)

10. funny blog
(well now you are just trying to butter me up, Google)


  1. Hahaha!! I love those :) #1 and #8 are my favorite!! I don't have ANYTHING quite that interesting yet... some day... some day.


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