Wednesday, March 14, 2012

350 Calories.

That would be what I had this morning while RACING through the ATL airport.  Security was bananas long (it never is) and I rolled to my terminal at 7:55 for an 8:25 flight.  No breakfast and no coffee.  I seriously thought Starbucks would be a quick answer - my bad.  Line was wrapped around the corner and I could not have my favorite airport breakfast that I have EVERYtime I travel - oatmeal with all of the toppings and a Venti coffee of the day.  I love it and it fills me up well past lunch.
Such is life, I hauled it to my gate - next to last one practically and anyone who knows Hartsfield knows the A Terminal is CRAZY long (well, they all are but whatev).  Anywhoo - the Wolfgang Puck "togo" was next to my terminal and I know I wont eat lunch at my meeting so I grabbed a yogurt parfait with a whopping 350 calories.  I think that will last me till after lunch when I return to the airport.  I hope.  I get all nerved up before a meeting anyway. 
Well, we are landing, gotta jet (har har har, pun intended).

1 comment:

  1. totally forgot you were going to FL today... guess that's why you didn't pick up your office phone when I called. Have a good trip!



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