Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things I Take For Granted, That I No Longer Will

1.    Mobility.
1.    Check, after bananas back issues I will never again!
2.    Safety.
1.    Check, after looking at the site that V is doing volunteer work for, never again. Get ready B, the bubble just got tighter my boy.
3.    Eating What I Want.
1.    Check, 8lbs later - won’t be doing that FING EVER AGAIN
4.    Good Eye Sight.
1.    Check, glasses are on my face more than not lately, thanks eyes. You rock.
5.    Spending What I Want.
1.    Check, the year is not going as I'd planned and now I'm rethinking purchases before I make them.
6.    My Son Staying Innocent and Sweet.
1.    Check. We hosted a cooking class for quite a few of the parents where B goes to day-care. They brought their kids (9 total) to our house and we arranged sitters while we left. Came back to our house for post-adult-bevy’s and the kids played till MAD late. I went into the room where all of the 4yo's were and one little girl was lying on the bed and all the boys were playing. B asked me politely to "please go with your own friends mommy", the other then chimed in "yea, please leave, we are play here". B took me by the arm, walked me to the door and slowly shut it in my face. Wow. WTF just happened there. Back in my belly, please and thank you very much.
7.    A Healthy Body Without Much Effort
1.    Check.  I think that one speaks for itself. Getting older is just rude and I'm finding things are not happening the way they used to. THANKS AGE.
8.    Getting Older.
1.    Something not everyone gets to do, gotta keep that in check for sure.
9.    A Happy Marriage
1.    No, it's not perfect - by far. But we have a good life and while I am seeing so many of our friends get divorced and separated lately it makes me appreciate what we have.
10. A Roof Over Our Heads That We Can Afford.
1.    Again, seeing a lot of our friends lose a lot due to the economy makes me super happy we didn’t buy the McMansion we couldn’t afford at the time. Happy where we are!
There are plenty more but those are top of mind now.

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  1. My glasses are always on my face lately too! Cruddy ole eyes


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