Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleep Strike

Sorry I've been so quiet today but I've been busting my butt trying to get some graphic work done for The Hope Project people. They needed a few things out first thing this morning, so I've been a busy gal. (Don't forget to please go to The Hope Project's facebook page and 'like' them )

Well I ate pizza yesterday. Pretty cool, eh? No reason for it either, just ate it. And the sad thing, was it wasn't even good pizza. What a waste. And because of said pizza, my stomach is all jacked up today and I've been STARVING! Actually I've been starving ever since my race on Saturday. I mean it's not like I don't run 3 miles somewhat often anyway, so why the appetite increase?

Speaking of running, I'm going running with a neighbor friend of mine later today. We ran the same pace at the race on Saturday, so we decided that we'd be good running buddies. I'm pretty proud of myself, she wanted to quit and walk several times throughout the race and I kept her motivated to keep going. Which in turn, motivated me... I love how that all works out.

While I did pretty good in the race, I have realized that I've got a lot of training to do for this 10K coming up in May. I'm in 5K shape, but I am definitely not in 10K shape yet. I've also got the Zoo-de-Mac coming up in May. It's a 54 mile bike race from Boyne Highlands, MI to Mackinac City, MI. My husband and I have done it about 6 times now. Because I've been concentrating so much on my running lately, I haven't been on my bike a whole lot. So I really need to get some cross training in.

I'm think J is on a sleep strike. Ever since Daylight Savings, he takes FOREVER to fall asleep and is up at the crack of dawn. He's a good boy and usually just lays quietly in bed until husband or I come to get him, but more importantly I want him to sleep. He needs more sleep than this. Yet again, Daylight Savings mucking up my life

Ok, back to work...


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  1. My daughter takes about a month to adjust to daylight savings. Give it a few more weeks and J should hopefully get back to his normal schedule. It's frustrating I know, but hang in there


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