Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Tuesday...

Things that I like today:
  • I like that I am feeling good, its a nice change and it reminds me that when I eat healthy everything else in my life starts to fall into place
  • I like that my clothes are fitting me a little better these days
  • I like that I don't feel so bloaty, G-D I hate that feeling
  • I like that I feel ready for my meeting in FL tomorrow
  • I like that last night B got scared at like 9p and came crying into our room saying "I need mommy love" - even though E threw a TOTAL S*IT FIT because I let him in and tried to hide him :)
  • I like that B snuck BACK into our room again at 7a to crawl in for cuddles, it makes me still feel needed as lately he seems to be growing into that independent phase (I'll save those feelings for a day I want to ramble about THINGS I FING HATE)
  • I like that the weather is turning here, my grass is turning green and the flowers are starting to bloom - that's insta smile for sure
  • I like that our neighborhood developer has used our house on 3 tours in the past 2-weeks to show his clients what can be done with their home from a landscaping perspective.  It makes me feel like all of my hard work is paying off.  One of the people who came through yesterday said our home should be on Better Homes and Gardens - that is SO NOT TRUE but OMG I was so proud.
Thats it for now.


  1. Awww, J always tells me he needs "mommy love" too. Man I am a sucker for that!

  2. I would like to punch bloating in the face, you're so lucky!!


  3. @V - me too, total sucker!
    @ Crazy Fat! Buddy - you and me both! I had veggies, rice and MAD SOY sauce last night and I am rockin some bloat again this am. Can we ever win?


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