Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eating Fiasco

I had a rough day yesterday. And I'm not really sure why. I was just very down, lonely, tired, stressed... Because of this, I made poor choices in my eating, parenting and over all just about everything. I didn't exercise either. WHAT is going on with me?

Compared to so many around me, things are going very well for me. I know at least 4 people who have children in the hospital right now due to illness. My 5-month-old nephew was admitted yesterday for RSV. So I just feel I've got nothing to be all worked up about. My kids are healthy (save for a stomach bug here and there).

I'm headed to Ann Arbor with the kiddos today to visit my parents for the night. I'm hoping for a better day. I NEED a better day. I need to not let this spiral out into a typical V, eating fiasco. I think maybe just being around people will help. Maybe the isolation of being home alone 24/7 with 2 kids is just getting to me a bit earlier this time around. Probably because I haven't been to work since Tuesday, so this is day 6 of being home all day. I'm such a horrible stay-at-home-mom. How am I going to do 3 weeks of this when husband goes away to flight school?

Ok, sorry for the depressing post, but I had to get it out. I needed to come clean with you blog world, especially about my horrible eating yesterday.

Today will be better, today will be better, today will be better, today will be better....



  1. You can do it V!! One day at a time... and one healthy choice at a time. Forget about yesterday, and focus on today, being with your parents and kiddos, and maybe sneak in some sort of "exercise" in the form of fun - walking to the playground to run around and swing, going for a bike ride in the neighborhood, etc. I feel the same way - so thankful for all I have right now... healthy family, job, house, etc. - Kelly

  2. We all have those bad days but we just have to start again and keep moving forward! I know "bad days" like no other! haha Hang in there! It's the overall picture you should focus on and overall, YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Keep it up!



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