Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Jig

Well I wish I could say I was up at this unGodly hour to go drinking on this fine St. Patrick's day. But I have my 5K race this morning. I am a bit tired from my night out last night for a friend's birthday. When they ordered shots after dinner, I knew I was in for it. As much as I am a wino, I have no tolerance for liquor anymore. Anyway, I'm hurting a bit right now, but hopefully after a big cup of coffee and a carb-fueled breakfast (YEAH carbs!) I'll prevail.

Speaking of dinner, I was a rock star last night with the eating. I picked out my order ahead of time (chicken with veggies) and once we got there and husband said he wasn't all that hungry, we decided to split that entree with 2 salads. Go me! Though I did have a billion few glasses of wine, so don't you worry, I got those calories in.

Thanks for all who went to The Hope Project's facebook page. I had a 2-hour meeting with the director yesterday morning and we figured out a good plan of attack for getting all their materials redesigned in a timely manner. It feels really good to be able to give back, especially for such a great cause.

Ok, off to my make carb-o-load breakfast so I can run like the wind!


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