Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeling Good

V, I'm sorry you had a rough day last week - no good and with K coming home I know its going to get better - promise buddy.
I, on the other hand, am still doing OK.  We had a great weekend and I had a good eating weekend too.  I am not sure if its the steroids I am on but my appetite has decreased substantially (which is WAY different from what I heard was going to happen) and I can tell in my clothes I am shedding some pounds.  LET IT CONTINUE - PLEASE.
I swear it was the weekend of play dates for us, we dropped B at a friends from 9:30a - 2p and it was like a small gift from G-d.  E and I relaxed and read our books outside since the weather was AMAZING and we both commented how nice it was to just relax and chill for a few hours.  That night he had a man-date with his best friend at one of those steakhouse places that serve never-ending-meat meals (ICK) and I hung with B and N (their son).  Was a great night and we got pizza which I only ate 2 pieces of - MAD UNREAL for me.  I was super full (ate salad first) and so I have to believe that its the roids making my appetite decrease.  Sigh.  Today is the last pill and my back still feels really good, please let that continue too!  I have to head to Ft. Lauderdale this week for a day trip and I'm dreading having to carry my laptop for fear its going to mess my back up.  Also, I raked the pad of my foot over a nail this morning - I'm so scared I am going to get an infection, I cleaned it out like crazy and wrapped it up but its killing me.  Par for the course.
Have a great day & stay skinny my web-friends!

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