Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top Places I Try and Avoid Taking My Kids To

The Library. While the library can be a great place for children, our library's children's section is not closed off. So being that my kids are the loudest children on the planet, every word they say vibrates throughout the extremely quiet library. It also always seems to be the place they have total meltdowns too. And S is quite obsessed with ripping down every book she sees on a shelf. They hate us there...

Any Restaurant. Doesn't matter if it's Subway or Applebee's. Taking my kids out to eat is NOT a fun experience. I rarely get a chance to eat. Usually the second my kids are done eating, they immediately want to get up and run around. I try to avoid eating out at all costs, unless there is a playland involved.

Clothing Store. This has disaster written all over it. Not only are there numerous places to hide, but ripping tags off seems to be J's favorite past time. I never enter a clothing store unless both my kids are locked strapped into a stroller and can't get out.

Drug Store. Between the candy, toys and the 7 million items on each shelf, getting in and out of this store without it being trashed, or having a total meltdown because they want a new toy, is next to impossible.

The Grocery Store Check Out Isle. The grocery store in itself isn't too bad. But why, oh why do they have to load the checkout isle up with candy and toys? Well played Meijers... well played.

The Hardware Store. Why would I need to go to a hardware store you ask? Well husband will wait until the hardware store has some crazy sale and he will send me there to get the most random items. Last week he sent me for a Log Jack. There are so many dangerous items in a hardware store.  I'll turn around for one second and J will be swinging an axe around.



  1. I'm with you on all those places! Taking my son into any store is like torture!

  2. Doesn't it seem like any (and really all) outing is such a huge ordeal with young children? It almost makes me want to stay in. Lol!

  3. These made me laugh out loud. So true! The check out isle at the grocery store is the worst!

  4. As a person without children, I applaud these selections. I fully expect to hate them too when I have my own in a few years!

  5. WTF IS A LOG JACK, V? Random. With you on all of the above, funny stuff!

  6. Well, A, it's for when you are using a chain saw on the stump of a tree you cut down, it holds the stump up so your chain saw blade doesn't go into the ground... I only know this because when husband asked me to pick one up, I was like WTF is that? lol

  7. My twins are five years old and I still rarely take them any of these places. I was shocked when a friend who also has five-year-old twins told me she was taking them shopping for clothes. Due to my dislike of taking my children shopping, I buy all their clothes without them. It hadn't even occured to me to take them to pick out their own clothes in a store. One place you didn't list, possibly because it's so crazy you'd never consider it: the toy store.


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