Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Goods and Bads of My Day So Far

Good: Kids actually slept in this morning... on a day where I didn't work.. whoooo!

Bad: As soon as they woke up the fighting started... good times.

Good: Got a 'Bouce Card' to the Blast Factory (bounce house) from Groupon and we went to Tots Bounce today, it was SO fun. The kids loved it and man it's a workout!

Bad: Got reeeeeal sweaty from bouncing... ew.

Good: I felt like a good mom at the bounce house. Most of the other moms just sat there ignoring their children while they bounced. But I had so much fun bouncing with my kids.

Bad: I had to help many other little ones maneuver the obstacles since their parents were just sitting there ignoring them. Not that I minded, but come on moms! I get if your kids are older but when you have a 1 year old, help them out.

Good: Got a 30 Day Shred workout in. Hoping I won't be quite as sore from this one

Bad: Realized that it's only 2 weeks until husband leave for flight school for a whole month. :(

Good: I was dinking around on the internet yesterday at work (instead of working.. he he) and stumbled upon this website called Pilot Wives Club. Basically it's this site where there is all sort of blogs, groups, etc for pilot wives. It's HARD being the wife of a pilot and it's HARD being alone so much, especially with 2 children. So it was so nice to see a site where I can see what other people in similar situations go through. They had a list of some really cool blogs on there too. I'm really happy I found this little niche on the internet, and I think this will be a huge help to me, especially with husband pretty much gone for the entire month of May. The support of other women going through the exact same thing as me will be much needed and appreciated.

Bad: Spent waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on the Pilot Wives blog, and didn't get a whole lot of work done yesterday. Employee of the Year, I am... they are lucky to have me!

Good: Husband has Thursday-Sunday off. Due to a special project at work, he hasn't had a full day off for several years weeks now. It will be nice to actually have a break to go get my hair highlighted and cut.

Bad: I have an appointment on Friday to get S's ears checked. If they still look bad, we are going to have to get tubes in her ears. I'm pretty sure I know what they are going to say (yes to the tubes) but we'll see. I know so many people whose children had tubes and it was fine, but I'd rather not have to do this if possible.

Good: Sister-in-law came over early this morning to watch the kids for me so I could go to the dentist for this awful tooth pain I've been having lately

Bad: Need a root canal... boo!

Good: It's going to be 67 degrees today... whoooooo!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. My son had tubes put in a few months ago and it has been smooth sailing ever since. I promise it's so easy and the best thing for S if she's been having so many of these. :)


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