Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Puffy Eye

To top off my day of feeling like crap, I've got this crazy swollen eyelid thing happening to me lately. Today was the worst's it been though. I am not sure if I have allergies or what. I've never really had them before. I haven't used any new products on my face lately. But when I wake up my eyelids are puffy and itchy. I can't even put eye makeup on. I used to have this problem when I live in Arizona, but haven't had it since I was probably 13. I just took the picture below of my eye to text to A, but thought I would share. Anyone ever have this?

Your puffy eye friend,


  1. I get this super super badly if I cry before bed. I think sleeping with tears in my eyes does it? Maybe an allergen is making your eyes tear and swell? I hate it soooooo bad when it happens to me, it makes me feel rotten all the next day. Hope you find the cause.

  2. V - for sure its allergies buddy. Remove this picture - its TOTALLY FREAKING ME OUT. Very "Lost" like...


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