Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Know I'm Getting Old When...

  • I injure myself at the bounce house

  • I can't make it out of the bedroom without waking up my husband because of my creaking ankles

  • I look at the clock and it's 10pm and I think to myself  "WOW, I'm up late tonight!"

  • I'm "hung over" for days after taking one pain killer

  • When people call me 'Ma'am" at the grocery store now

  • When my husband complains to me how loud I've got the tv on

  • I look forward to a dull evening

  • I'm on a first name basis with my pharmacist

  • I hear my favorite song on the elevator at work

  • I yell at drivers for driving too fast down my street

  • I need to wear my glasses every day I'm at work now

  • My doctor is now younger than me

Man is sucks getting old!  Happy Friday!



  1. I actually said to my husband last night, "oh my gosh we are getting to bed late." It was 10 pm. I immediately followed up with a statement about how I'm the oldest 31 year old ever. :)

  2. First, thanks for your visit to my blog! :-)

    Second, OMG it's so true. The creaking ankles. The early bedtime. THE FAVORITE SONG ON THE ELEVATOR? BAHAAHAAAA!!! But -- I'm 42, and I'm telling you, the BEST thing is no longer caring that people might find you weird or stodgy or whatever. I am amused to think that anyone else might remotely care about what I do. So I do my own fun things, and smile. Also? I greet myself in the mirror with "OMG! You look FABULOUS!" and I call myself "Darling." Try it.
    Because ain't nobody else gonna do it for you.

  3. PS: My pharmacist's name is Kris, and she has two kids. See? You're totally not alone.


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