Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All Lit Up - Literally

Hello Web-Friends - A here, FINALLY!

5 weeks on the road and my life has been all kinds of bananas. I don't feel as though I've stopped for even one minute and I'm about to crash. Work has been absolutely crazy (in a good and bad way) and for the first time I'm not 100% loving it as I have in the past. I try to take situations like this and find the positives - which I usually can but sometimes (like now) it's super hard. Though I know the lesson will come, I'm anxious for it to get here - this is draining.

Where to start - well here is a good one. I am VERY "that time of the month" so I decided to grab my hubby's jeans which are typically hanging off my hips - not yesterday, skin tight. AWESOMENSS. I have been eating like a road hog. Things like, get ready for it, Bacon, Thyme and Truffle Oil Popcorn - this may sound absurd but it MAY have been the best thing I've had ever. We were at a dinner Saturday night with 3 other couples and the spread was unreal. That was just the tipping point, btw. I will not bore you with the details but wow - I sure need to slow it. Needless to say I am signing up for calorie count this morning (again) and getting back on track (again).  Sweet.

Another thing that didn't help my waist line would be the bottle of wine I drank Friday night. We had some vendors at the house late providing a demonstration of what our house can look like with the proper lighting and it was GLORIOUS. E went to bed as he was so tired and I sat up drinking until midnight watching them work. I was in-the-bag by the time they left and oh, less I forget to mention that I, in a stupor, woke E up - asked if I could write them a check - wrote one for $3,000 (yes $3k) and committed to spending $8k. Didn't remember know this until they sent the contract on Sunday. That provided some healthy conversation with E when we drove to a charity event that night. Needless to say we are now tweaking the design a bit...note to self, don't drink where money is involved.

Another day and I am off and running - pray I can keep myself in line for another 24 hours!!


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  1. Oh how I loathe monthly bloating. Sometimes it'll add up to 5 pounds!


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