Monday, April 16, 2012

Deeeeeeeetroit Basketball!

We took J to his first Detroit Piston's game last night. It was an interesting evening, to say the least. We got the tickets for free through my dad's work, so they were the corporate VIP seats... which means they were AWESOME seats. 5th row from the floor! Also, included in our seats was free access to the Caesars Club which has TONS of food and an open bar. Seriously, if you are going to go to a sporting event, this is the way to go. Talk about J being spoiled for his first basketball game. I think the tickets said they were $275 a piece!

Unfortunately, J was VERY afraid when we first sat down. The loud music and all the cheering, scared the heck out of the poor little guy. I had to take him back upstairs for a bit when the game actually started. Luckily the Caesars Club was right across the hall. So J and I sat belly up at the bar for a while, him with an apple juice and me with a glass of wine and played with straws and toothpicks and watched the game on the tv for a bit. I left husband and my nephew (who we also took for his birthday present) to watch the game in their seats.

After a while I convinced J to just hang out in the hallway for a while so we could get used to the noise, then we hung out in the tunnel. Then once we got used to that, we made it to the top of the stairs... FINALLY I convinced him to go sit in our seats for a bit. As long as I covered his ears for the "loud parts" as he called them, he was ok. Then miraculously towards the end of the 1st half of the game, he was fine. He was dancing and yelling and clapping, the noise not bothering him at all... go figure.

We also were on the Jumbo Tron screen and we got to be on TV. I had several people text me to tell me they saw a close-up of us on TV. One friend even took a photo of her tv screen with us on it and posted it to facebook!

Since the game went into over-time, we didn't end up getting back home until midnight. My alarm going off at 6am was ROUGH today. In typical J fashion, he was still up by 6:45am. I swear that child could go to bed at 2am and he would still wake up bright and early. On my way to work this morning, I get a call from daycare and they told me S had thrown-up.... sooooo I turn my car back around and went and got her and took her home. Well, she's been running around laughing and playing and just have a great ole time.... sure doesn't look sick to me. So, I'm home today. I left J at school since, well we are paying for it so might as well get our money's worth on one of our kids today.

At least I'll be able to workout when S goes down for a nap, so that's good. I did 30 Day Shred yesterday before the game and I'm soooo sore again. Man that is such a great workout!

Happy Monday all!

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  1. Oh, I can see how it would be overwhelming for a little one! We haven't tried any ball games yet - I have one that is very sensitive to loud noises.


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