Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Hill

Every year, come spring time, I try and get into biking shape. Usually it's because husband and I compete in the Zoo-de-Mac, a 54 mile bike ride from Boyne Highlands, Mich to Mackinac City, Mich. Since husband will be at flight school during the race this year, we aren't going to do it. Well we are, but not until the Zoo-de-Mac in the Fall, in September.

Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with this hill. I hate it for obvious reasons.... it's hard as hell to get up it. I love it, because I know I'm in good biking shape once I can get up it. Usually each year it takes me a few bike trips out before I can get up it without having a heart attack taking a break halfway up. But yesterday, my first bike ride of the year (not including the times I've biked to the park with the kids) I was able to get up it my first try.

 I was pretty excited and have no idea how this happened. I would like to say it's from all the running I've been doing. But I know first hand, being in running shape doesn't mean you are in biking shape (and vice versa). I've done this Zoo-de-Mac in the past having trained very little on my bike, thinking I'd be ok because I had been running 3 miles a day, several times a week. I almost didn't finish that year. And I've up and done a 5K running race, thinking I'd be ok because I was biking a lot, and again, I almost didn't finish. So I'm not quite sure what has changed this year, but I'm pretty happy.

I had a great ride through the pretty back roads by my house. What I love about my little town is that I live in a subdivision, but I can bike 5 minutes away and be out in the "country." Lots of hilly, beautiful back roads.

Side note: I thought this would be such a cool photo of me biking with the shadow. I seriously almost crashed trying to take this pic with my cell phone. I will not be attempting this again....
As great as I have been doing with the exercise, I've been seriously slacking on my eating healthy. I don't know what is going on that I can't get my crap together on this eating thing. It's just SO hard for me to get on track lately. I've been eating horribly, which is such a shame because the weight is going to start packing back on real soon if I don't stop this. Especially with husband leaving town for 3.5 weeks in May, I NEED to get my sh*t together.

If anyone has any motivating thoughts for me to help me get back on track, I'd appreciate it.



  1. I read Kath Eats for healthy eating inspiration. She always has yummy healthy recipes.

    That hill looks like quite a doozy!!

  2. You DID need my motivational thoughts this morning :) Congrats on getting up that HILL... Sheesh! I would've been frozen in fear!! I'm so NOT a biker.

  3. That hill is just RUDE if you ask me! I laugh each time I read about your exercise. You and I are so opposite on the food/exercise thing. You are SO GOOD with it - I'm so bad...nice work V! Proud of you!


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