Thursday, April 5, 2012

Largest Burger Of My Life

I've been on the road all week and have OVERALL been very good - until now.  I am in MN and they have "made to order" burgers at the airport.  I just slammed down an entire turkey burger with blue cheese, LTO, ketchup, mustard AND mayo...with fries...yes I'm hung over...and OMG was it ever good.  Been forever since I've had a burger and somehow I justified it since it was turkey.  My belly is fat today and damn if it doesn't feel great.
I had one of those moments today that made me really happy, I am finally starting to feel OK about my body again.  Why, as women, are we so hard on ourselves?  Can we not just feel good no matter how we look?  Why do we continually feel judged.  Sigh. Oh well.  Like this woman who says she was held back because she was too pretty - @ first I thought to myself, OMG really? But the more I think about it the more jealous of her self esteem I am becoming.  I'd kill to feel like I was too pretty for ANYTHING.
I am back to Zumba this week to confinue the healthy trend and now work off the burger that I just wolfed down.
Hope you all are having a GLORIOUS day!


  1. Well now I am craving a burger... thanks ;)

  2. And I knew you would cave and go drinking last night... ha ha


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