Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Gonna Lie...

... it's been a rough day so far. I feel like the God's are against me. This has been my day so far:

  • Sienna woke up an hour earlier than normal. So she's been a DISASTER today.

  • I wore my shirt inside out to playgroup this morning... sweet.

  • S threw the BIGGEST temper tantrum at playgroup because I wouldn't let her play with the paint. (I don't ever remember J throwing such massive temper tantrum's at this age... it's crazy)

  • We had to leave playgroup because she wouldn't stop screaming and EVERYONE was staring at me.

  • As we walked back to our car, with a screaming S,  J fell in the parking lot and scraped up his whole knee.

  • As I was waiting in line at Meijers to return something, a very sweet but SLOW old lady seriously sat there and took her sweet ole time, asking tons of questions, writing out a check, putting all her stuff away. Seriously lady? I have 2 children smashed into a shopping cart here! GO! (yes, I am probably going to hell for this).

Sooooo I'm pretty much done for the day. But instead of packing it in and crawling into bed with a glass of wine like I wanted to, I did 30 Day Shred while the kids napped. It KILLED me and I probably shouldn't have done Level 2 because of my slacking ways lately, but what matters is I did it.

So here's to a MUCH better afternoon!



  1. You deserve a better afternoon, yes!! Babycakes woke up an hour earlier than normal today too... something must be weird in the universe :)

    I HATE when people pay with checks. That should seriously be outlawed!!!!

  2. V -- the day may not have started well, but I am so impressed that you exercised at naptime instead of flopping on the couch and being defeated. Way to go!


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