Thursday, April 26, 2012

A New Day.

Amazing what 24 hours can do to your perspective.
I didn't end up going for a full blown walk yesterday but after dinner B, Crozzie and I took a nice stroll around the block.  E came home in a something awful mood after a stressful day at work so I gave him the space and much needed downtime that he also hasn't had in forever.  It was good.
I took the day yesterday and organized my office, did crazy back logged expense reports and got my lists and calendars in order.  That alone lifted so much stress off of me that I was able to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand.  I have been running so much and so fast these days that it's finally hit me that I am burned out.  We have a super busy weekend ahead of us but its good family things so I am OK with that.  Everything from B's first Karate lesson to the Touch-A-Truck even directly following with play dates and yoga on Sunday to top it off.  I'm looking forward to reconnecting - we need it.
Also, my arm feels better - not great - but I can tell its healing and the bruise on my rear is something fierce!  But better as well.
I talked with my mom yesterday and she sounds AWESOME - totally different that after the last surgery's and they are telling her she can go home on Friday!  Fingers crossed all continues to go well!
Today I am dressed and walking Croz for sure!
Later Webbies!

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