Monday, April 23, 2012

Tentacles are Yummy?

Had a really great weekend! My in-laws came back from Florida and parked their huge 5th Wheel in our driveway for the weekend. It was great to have them back, even if it was cold and rainy all weekend. The kids thought having a massive camper in our driveway was awesome.

We had quite the homecoming celebration on Friday night. Husband's sister and her family came over too, so we had a packed house with lots of wine and food and kids running around. My kids went to bed waaaaaaay too late and we paid for it dearly on Saturday with some very grumpy and over emotional children. But oh well.

Saturday we all went to dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. They ordered calamari as an appetizer and thought it would be funny to see if my kids would eat it. Especially the ones that had the tentacles still. Well joke's on them because my kids gobbled it down! S won't eat eggs, but hand her a fried piece of squid and she'll chow down... go figure. You can see by the photo, J was loving every one's laughter as he held it up to his mouth.

So all in all it was a crazy busy, but fun weekend. One last hurrah before husband leaves for flight school this upcoming weekend. He's going to be in Texas from April 29th - May 23rd. My mother-in-law is going to take S for a few days the 3rd week he's gone. Then the final week he's gone, she's going to take J for a few days. So if I can just get through the first 2 weeks, I'll have a bit of a break with only having one child.

On a sour note, I took S to the doctor on Friday to get her ears checked since she had an ear infection when we went in for her routine check up a few weeks ago. She's now got a double ear infection. UGH! My poor girl has had nothing but ear infections lately, I feel so bad for her. I didn't even know either... bad mommy! Anyway, they think she should get tubes since she's had so many in a row. I know its for the best, but the thought of her having to be put under anesthesia for the quick procedure makes me nervous. The ENT (Ears Nose & Throat Doc) is supposed to call me this week with our appointment date. Unfortunately this will probably all go down while husband is away at flight school. Awesome!

I literally did NO workouts this weekend. I'm a sloth. I also ate like it was going out of style, so I'm feeling a bit gross today. In-laws are headed home today, so it's back on track for the week!

Happy Monday!


  1. I have one that is a candidate for tubes too. It's a tough choice. I've been putting it off, but at the same time, it isn't good for him to be on antibiotics so often or to be in pain. :-(

    My boys have never had calamari! I'm not about to cook it at home, and we hardly ever go out to eat. One of these days though!

    1. That's how I feel about S. I HATE having her on antibiotics every other week, it can't be good for her. But I know that they can't get their ears wet once they are in and we spend soooo many weekends at my in-law's lake cottage in the summer. I guess I'll just wait and see what the ENT says about it

  2. I felt the same way about tubes & the whole procedure, but after spending about 1.5 year fighting high (104-105) fevers every month and then the earaches with antibiotics, we got tubes. There is some scaring on my little guy's ears from all the severe earaches. He has only had 2 earaches in the past 10 months of having tubes. They are so less severe now, slight to no fever, doesnt seem to cause him much pain, really all we see is the drainage. After the tubes we were given drops to take care of the drainage/earache times & it is so quick & easy on his little body.

    With the tubes being in their ears drain well, some doctors will tell you to plug their ears to any water, but some will tell you that there have been studies done that show it doesnt help or hurt anything to not plug their ears. We plugs my son's ears in the beginning but then after fighting with the plugs & having talked to doctors that said it's not a big deal, we stopped plugging his ears at the pool. It feels a little funny to my son to get some water in his ears but we just tilt his head and drain it & he is fine, we havent had any ill effects from not plugging them & we swam regularly the past 5 months. Good luck.


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