Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost In Translation

Hello, A here and I am heading home from Baltimore!  Great meetings/dinner and I was even able to catch an earlier flight home - yeah me! 
So B has been sick for what feels like weeks on end, since he was a baby he's had a snarkley nose (my mom term for plugged up or always running) and I just feel like something bigger has been going on.  With allergy season in full swing in ATL and just getting over a cold my little dude has been plugged up beyond belief and on too many antibiotics as of when another mother talked to E while he was dropping B off at school yesterday and brought up a Chinese Herbalist E's ears perked up with interest.  See her son "A" suffers from seizures and she is the ULTRA protective mom with everything he does.  He had also been sick and suffering with allergies, been on 9k antibiotics over the past few weeks and nothing seems to have been working...until she took him to her Chinese Herbalist. 
Backing up a good bit,  she is from Korea - her Husband was born in N. America but they met there and she has been in the states for like 7 years now - she's as nice as can be and I really like her, however I can understand only maybe 60% of what she is saying.  B LOVES her son A so we do things with them and communicate a lot over text since talking on the phone just isn't an option...since I typically don't know what she's saying - G-d knows what I agree to 1/2 the time.  This may sound terrible but I love her to death and I know shes trying really hard so I just don't want to say anything...we just get through it.
Which now leads to tomorrow.  E filled her in on B's situation and I texted her from Baltimore saying I had to see the Chinese Herbalist for B as well since A was cured in 5 days - YES, 5 days with some of their meds.  I'm convinced the same will happen for B and we now have an apt at 10a tomorrow and she is coming with me since the Dr doesn't speak English very well either.  Yes, you read that correctly...JC, I'm laughing even as I'm typing this - I mean - within 48 hrs, I have an apt at what I sorta believe is a witch doctor who will probably shake chicken legs @ the B in some back-room medical office...that wont even be true medical office...see ya modern medicine, shake me up some chicken legs!
Anywhoo - we are meeting at the Costco parking lot and going together tomorrow morning - stay tuned.  I will either walk out of there with crazy cure or one hell of a good story!
Sayonara!  a
ps - had McDonalds this morning for breakfast at the airport - WTH! 

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