Friday, April 6, 2012

My Day in Photos

So when I was pregnant with S, we had to move J out of the "baby" room and into what was our office. Being that we are now office-less, our mail is usually scattered all over our kitchen counter, and splattered with some type of food or milk. It drives me CRAZY. So on a blog (can't remember which one now) I saw that this woman had a similar problem and had created this cute little basket/folder thing to help organize her mail. Well in typical V fashion, I printed it out because I was sooooo going to make this. I do this a lot... print things out and never ever ever do I make them. But I actually did this time and I'm very impressed with myself.
To cover up the ugly green folder color, I created this polka dot pattern and printed it out and slid it in the front of the basket. My kitchen counter is already so much less cluttered. Yay!

I also finally put together this toy organizer that we got. I used to have large baskets that we would throw the toys in. But now that we have 2 kids and so many toys I can't even count, the baskets stopped working. So I saw these organizers at another woman's house once and I've wanted them ever since.

So now my toys are neatly put away, and according to category (I can be a lot bit OCD). I'm sure once the kids get a hold of this it won't be quite as neat, but it's got to be better than what we had.

This morning I stopped into a cute little shop downtown and picked up an Easter dress for S. I got this dress on clearance for super cheap. I'm quite impressed with my find. She is going to look ADORABLE in this.
I also picked up a cute little pink sweater for her to wear over it, since it's only going to be 57 degrees on Sunday. We are headed to my sister's house that morning for an Easter Egg hunt with her kids and my parents. Then off to brunch at my parent's country club, where the actual Easter bunny will be. I have a feeling S is going to be terrified of the Easter bunny.

Lastly, I took this photo in my front yard just now. I still can't believe we have all our trees in bloom so early in the year. But it was so pretty I had to take a photo of it.

Have a great weekend my cyber friends!



  1. I love the mail idea!!! I SO need to do that

  2. Looks great V! I have the toy bin organizer and every now and again will organize all of the toys - it is a THANKLESS jobs, in 5min they are wrecked again. All looks great though, nice job!

  3. Love the mail idea! I too lost our office when we had out son! What a good idea!


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