Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Life Through the Years...

So I got one of these cheesy email quiz's today from a friend, and since I've got nothing for you, I thought I'd post it here too:


Elementary School:

•  What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a soap opera actress sooooo bad. I used to write the actor's letters and include my photo in case they "ever needed anyone."

•  Favorite toy? Had to be Barbi's. My sister and I would literally get up on a Saturday/Sunday mornings and play Barbi's, in our jammies, until my mom called us for lunch. Then we'd go right back to it until dinner time. I can only pray that my children will be this enthralled with a toy that they will be occupied all day and leave me alone.

•  Did you ever want to change your name? Yes I HATED my name as a child. Well, remember the comic Family Circus? Well the daughter's name was Dolly and boy did I want to change my name to that. In every play situation, my name HAD to be Dolly. Sure glad that you aren't able to legally change stuff like when you are young. I can't imagine walking into a job interview today and introducing myself as Dolly.

•  What silly thing did you fantasize about? Funny you should ask because I was OBSESSED with having a tail when I was little. My sister and I would scotch tape pairs of tights to our butts and pretend they were our tails... man we were strange little kids.

•  Did you ever run away? Yes, one day when I was about 10, my brother convinced me to 'run away' with him. We packed our bags and told my mom we were out of there. So we hung out in the woods behind our house for a while. But as it started to get dark I got scared and told my brother I was going back inside. He was pretty mad at me, but I left him anyway. I guess eventually he made his way back home. Now that I'm a parent, I feel really bad for telling my mom we were doing this. I think I would cry if my kids said this to me.

Junior High:

•  How old where you when you had your first "real" kiss? 13 and the guy totally french kissed me. I'd never heard of this before and freaked out and started laughing, mid kiss. Needless to say, this guy did not become my boyfriend.

•  Did you have to wear a uniform to school? Well since we moved from Connecticut to Arizona when I was in Junior High, I went to 2 schools during this time. Yes I wore a uniform in Connecticut since I went to a private school. But in Arizona, I went to a public school.

•  Were you popular? Well again, since I switched schools midway through, I have 2 answers. Yes in my first school. Soooo totally not in my 2nd school.

High School:

•  What group were you a part of in High School? I was probably considered an athlete. I did most sports, but basketball was my main one.

•  Were you ever mean to someone in school? Yes, and to this day I feel guilty about it. When I was a freshman in high school I met this girl named Becky. She was soooooo sweet and nice. Well my brother was a Senior at the time and he told me that I couldn't be friends with Becky if I wanted to be "cool" in high school. He said she would bring me down and I had to ditch her, so I did. I still remember the phone call she made to me asking if she had done anything wrong. GOD, I was such an a-hole! I'm SOOOOO sorry Becky!

•  Is there something you wish you would have done differently? Well I'm sure everyone thinks this, but I just wish I hadn't cared so much about what everyone thought. I spent so much time worrying and pretending to be "cool."

•  How many boyfriends did you have? Um I only had 2 that were technically 'boyfriend' status.

•  First jobs? McDonald's cashier when I was 14. Cashier in the food court at Smitty's at 15 (which I was fired from for giving a friend a discount on a Coke). Retails Sales at Ross when I was 16. Retail Sales for County Seat when I was 17. I think most of those stores, except for McDonald's, don't even exist anymore.


•  How old were you when you lost your virginity? 20

•  Were you in a Sorority? Yes I was and it was awesome. I know there are a lot of negative things said about fraternities and sororities. But I had nothing but wonderful experiences. And some of my best friends today are girls I met from my sorority (including A).

•  Did you go to the college of your choice? Actually no. I wanted to go to Western Michigan University, but my dad was convinced it was a "party" school. So instead I chose Eastern Michigan University, because my brother was going there.

•  Where did you live freshman year? I lived in the dorms in a room that was almost the size if my current bathroom. My roommate smoked pot all day and night and it was SO annoying.

Your 20's:

•  Farthest from home you've ever been? Ireland

• Where did you live after you graduated from college? Well a few friends and I (including A) all decided we were going to move to a town that was known for being the "it" town for 20-somethings. It had tons of bars and cool things to do. We rented a house smack downtown and I probably had the most fun I've ever had in my life during those years. I wouldn't change my 20's for anything in the world.

• Did you meet your future husband? Yes, I actually met husband at work. We had worked in the same place for about 3 years before we actually ever spoke. I had seen him in the gym a lot, but assumed like most of the men at that corporation, he was older and married. Then one night I saw him at the bar and we started talking and that was that. About 6 months after I met him, he quit his job at that company and decided he wanted to become a pilot instead.

•  Did you get married? Well technically I was 30 when I got married, but yes.

• Did you have children? Nope, didn't have J until I was 33.

• Did you buy your first home? Nope again. Didn't buy my first home until I was 30. Husband owned his house when we first met, but he sold that to pay for flight school.

Happy Friday all!

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