Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Would You Like Some Breast Milk With Your Coffee?

As always, I was running late this morning for work. I've been bringing in my own skim milk for my coffee here at work, so I won't be using the super fattening creamer they have. Anyway, in my mad rush to get out of the house I grabbed the first thing handy to pour my milk in, S's baby bottle. So I put the baby bottle in the fridge at work and when I went to pour my coffee and add my skim milk, I pulled out my bottle. Just then a group of people walked in and saw me doing this and looked at me like I was crazy. After they left I realized they probably thought I was putting my breast milk or something in my coffee... how embarrassing. While I'm huge breastfeeding advocate, I most certainly wouldn't drink it myself, especially in my coffee.... So LOVELY way to start the day.

Anyway, I started my day out right, by getting my tired a** up at 6am and working out before work. I had to take a few days off working out this past weekend because I was SO sore. Like could barely walk sore.

You see, after I had J (my 3-year-old) I was still working full time. I had a gym at my work so I worked out every day on my lunch hour. It rocked! At the time I had read an article on doing intervals on the treadmill, which is basically sprinting for 30 seconds then doing a slow jog for 30-60 seconds. You just do that over and over and over. Not only do you burn WAY more calorie's but it's a kick-a** workout. It's 10 times harder than just running the same old boring speed for 30 minutes. Your heart rate is constantly going up and down. I read that you can burn 3 times as much fat doing this, than just running at the same speed the entire time. Plus you never get bored, because you are switching it up every 30 seconds. All you have to think about is just getting through the next 30 seconds. So anyway, I used to do that all the time and I was in AWESOME shape. I had lost all the baby weight and I had a nice figure going (somewhat). But then I got laid off from that job, and the intervals stopped and the weight crept back on, I got pregnant again and here we are today.

So this past weekend I decided to start doing interval training again. I've never actually done it outside before, and to be honest I felt kinda dumb, sprinting and then jogging over and over. But whatever... plus I had to count the 30 seconds in my head since I didn't have a timer like on a treadmill. But it was such a great workout. I literally felt like I wanted to puke afterwards. That's how hard it was. I still did my 3 miles. But the next day? HOLY CRAP, I could barely move. EVERYTHING was sore on me. My back, my butt, my hips and my legs. So, good workout? Most definitely. Something I need to work up to a bit more? Most definitely.

But I hopped back on my spinning bike this morning and did my sit-ups. So go me!

As much as I love the holidays, I'm just so happy to get back to normal life. While my workouts have been great, my eating has been bad... very, very bad. So, today we are back on track, back to calorie count, back to everything.

Happy New Year! Here's to getting back on track!


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  1. Welcome back to routine! I am so happy to be back there too! I was really baaaad over the holidays with my eating. I threw all conscious eating to the wind and had whatever I wanted when ever I wanted. Drank a lot too and it certainly wasn't water! I know it will be a struggle to get back into the full swing of things (exercise, walking, and proper eating) but I'm off to a good start today and will reluctantly hop on that scale tomorrow morning and go from there. We're back in it! Congrats on the hard workouts and the sit-ups! Keep it up!

    Happy New Year!


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