Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Gotta Say...

... since I stopped doing the sit-ups for that 200-Sit-Up Challenge, my back is feeling a MILLION times better. Sure glad I had to go to the doctor and pay all this money to figure that out. Like, DUH, in the 6 weeks that I started doing them, my back went to sh*t. Why couldn't I figure this out on my own? Oh well, at least I got some good drugs out of it... KIDDING! (sorta)

I got my butt up this morning and went on my spinning bike before work. Now I'm sitting here at work eating a bowl of egg beaters mixed with spinach and low fat feta... yum!

I don't have too much else to say today. Probably because I rambled on and on during yesterday's post. My trainer comes tomorrow for my first official session. I'm excited but a bit nervous. I am just curious as to what she is going to have me do. Hopefully I can keep up.


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