Monday, January 30, 2012

Bat Mitzvah Success

The much anticipated Bat Mitzvah weekend is over!  Our family attended services, dinners, parties and luncheons the entire weekend and I am SO PROUD to say I ate 99.9% healthy.  The .1% that I was bad was due to the amount of margaritas and wine I put down on Saturday night but listen, big progress for me.  Old me would have eaten my way through the weekend and felt terrible today - not the case!  E and B were total rockstars, though by Sunday E was ready to be done - I could just tell.  A highlight during the luncheon was B, he yelled during the montage the parents put together - THIS IS BORING MOMMY.  Good thing we were sitting right at the front table and the parents heard us.  He's 4 and hey, if he was bored I'm happy hes able to communicate his feelings.  Now we just need to work on tact...awesomeness.
Off to Zumba tonight and have been eating healthy all day.
Its the little things....

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