Thursday, January 12, 2012

She's Pretty Fast for a Fatty

So my first official session with my personal trainer went well. She had me do a bit of everything. We briskly walked around my neighborhood, then she had me jog for a bit. Then she had me do lunges up my street. And finally I had to sprint as fast as I could go, back to my house (about a half of block). It's been a long time since I sprinted as fast as I could go. She said she was surprised at how fast I could go, which made me feel good. Unless she was thinking "I'm surprised at how fast she is for as fat as she is" in her head. Anyway, after that we lifted weights while doing squats and PliƩs. Then we headed indoors and did some pilate leg work followed by a lot of ab work.

So all in all, good overall workout. I think she was probably hitting everything just to see where I was at physically. I'm hoping the future workouts are a bit harder. I like to be push hard, very hard. So I'm assuming it will continue to get harder as we go.

I've lost 2 more pounds since she weighed me a week ago. So that's good. I'm down 7lbs total now.

My back is a bit sore today from all the ab work. It had been feeling so much better that I'm a bit bummed to be in pain again. It's such a catch 22. My back hurts because my core is so weak. But when I do core exercises to strengthen it, it makes my back hurt. I can't win.

So I took some of the pain pills the doctor gave me for my back last night. And now I'm totally groggy and can still feel it in my system, which I hate. But I wanted to make sure it didn't hurt me while I slept. Not that it mattered anyway, because my husband was coughing all night which kept me up.

I had to move cubes at work today. Which blows because now I'm right outside my boss's office. Which makes it harder to dick around and blog... ha ha. I have to be sneaky now. My old cube had sooooo much more privacy. Oh well, I'm only here 3 days a week anyway.

Ok, back to work, I've got a lot to get done today since I went home early on Tuesday because I didn't feel all that well.

Have a great weekend!


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