Monday, January 23, 2012

Debbie Downer

Well that was me last week. I was sort of spiraling down into a pit of feeling sorry for myself. But after a nice long weekend, full of workouts, I am back in good spirits today. Working out really can make you feel so much better about things. Thursday night I got home and was just grumpy and sad about my lack of weight loss. My sister-in-law called me and invited me to Zumba class that night at 8pm. So I went, and ever since then, I've felt better. It's amazing what endorphins can do for you.

Friday I was home all day with the kids by myself. But I still managed to squeeze a workout in. I love the On Demand workouts with Comcast. They have everything from 10 minute ones to 1 hour ones. So I am able to squeeze in a few 10 minute workouts here and there throughout the day. Actually I was so sore from the Chair one that had me doing a billion squats, that I could barely walk on Saturday.

I also had my 2nd personal training session on Saturday. She really kicked my butt this time. She had me running for a bit, but then switched the treadmill to a 13 incline, walking around 3.0 speed. That was hard, just doing that alone. Then she had me taking 5lb weights and doing my shoulder, biceps and triceps curls, all while still walking. Man I was shaking when we were done.

My legs were so tight yesterday from the workouts on Friday and Saturday, that I actually hopped on my spinning bike just to loosen my muscles up. I also jump roped for a bit.

Unfortunately my trainer had to cancel on me tonight, which sucks, because my husband is leaving on Wednesday for a 7-day trip (shoot me) and I won't get to see her til late next week. Boo!

I've also realized that I've only really been hitting it hard for about 2.5 weeks, so I think I need to just lay off the scale a bit. Because as long as I'm working out and eating healthy, who gives a sh*t what I weigh? Especially if it can put me in such a funk, like I was last week. So I say F-YOU scale!  =)

We had fun at my friend's house on Saturday (the one with the mansion). It was nice to get all our families together. They had super greasy food there, but I didn't eat it (yay me!). When S wandered off in their house, I ran to go grab her and saw that they had the most awesome gym in their basement. I mean it literally looks like a gym you are a member of. Mirrored walls, padded floors, every piece of equipment you could ever want. So jealous.

It's going to be a long stretch here with my husband gone for 7 days. Hopefully I can keep my sanity and get some workouts in while he's gone. It shouldn't be too hard to squeeze in those 10 minute On Demand workouts here and there.

Here's to a MUCH better week for me!


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