Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad Feeling

Well yesterday's post titled was 'Good Feeling'... my how 24 hours can change it all. I f-ed up last night. GOD, why do I do this to myself? I was feeling soooooooooooooooooo good yesterday. My pants were so big on me, I literally had to pull them up as I was walking up stairs. But last night, after the kids went to bed, I was cleaning up the kitchen and I noticed a bag of tortilla chips. My husband must have bought them. I mean, besides pizza, tortilla chips with cheese is like my favorite thing in the world. And damned if I didn't throw some on a plate and melt some cheese on them and eat it up like I hadn't eaten in a year.

As soon as I finished it, I was immediately disappointed. Worst... feeling... ever. So now I'm feeling bad about myself today. I'm just disappointed that after achieving so much the past few weeks, I go and mess it up and fall back into my same old bad habits. And that damned bag of tortilla chips is STILL sitting in my kitchen! I didn't polish off the bag, though in a way I wish I had just so it wouldn't be there still. But I am going to be strong tonight and not go NEAR that bag.

And what bothers me most, is that my husband obviously bought the bag, is currently eating it and he's lost 10lbs! WTF? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Ok, on to bigger and better things.


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