Thursday, January 5, 2012

Glutton For Punishment?

Well we booked our tickets for Florida. We will be traveling with a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old... and we might be insane. My husband's parents live in Florida in the winter. They live in this retirement community in Sarasota called the Sun N Fun ( It's actually pretty cool, considering it's all retirees. They've got a awesome kiddie pool, regular pool, fitness classes, mini golf, shuffle board, etc. I mean I wouldn't have wanted to go there when I was single, but now that I have kids? Sure, it's great.

They live in a 5th Wheel Camper, so that's where it can get tough. Now, this camper is like awesome! It's got a master bedroom, island in the kitchen, HUGE flat screen tv, 2 lazy boy chairs, couch, etc. It looks sort of like these (I got these off the web, so I have no idea who this girl is in the photo):

I mean if you are going to get a camper, this is the one to get. That being said, having us ALL in there together can get kind of tight.

We've gone to Florida twice before with J. Once when he was 6-months-old and once when he was 18-months-old. It was really fun and J loved it. But 2 kids? That's a whole different ball game. First off: the airplane. At 6-months, it was a breeze. 6-month-olds don't do anything anyway, they just sit there. At 18-months-old? HOLY SH*T, all they want to do is run, and they don't understand why they can't run... so they scream. I literally starting crying on the airplane ride home from Florida that year. J was FREAKING out. It was horrible.

So why am I doing this again with an 18-month-old? Well the promise of lots of alcohol when I get there, and the few Xanax I have stashed in my underwear drawer on loan from a friend. At least I know what I'm getting into this time. Last time I thought it was going to be as easy as when J was 6-months old. Now I know... Plus, I think I am going to make my husband take care of S and J and I will sit a few rows back... he he

So anyway, we are going February 10th-14th. The downside to this timing, is my 19lb weight loss contest ends on Feb 19th, so that will be crunch time for me and that is going to be hard on vacation. Plus I doubt there will be a lot of workout time either... oh well.

On a good note, I was given 6 sessions with a personal trainer for Christmas. She comes this Friday for a consultation and to see where I'm at, what I want to accomplish and how we should go about it. I'm super excited. Looks like my husband will be home too, so I can actually talk to her without 2 kids hanging on me.

Eating has been back on track this week so far. I got up again and worked out before work this morning and did my sit-ups. SO happy to be back on track.



  1. You are going to have a great time and don't even worry about the kids on the plane! If you are worried, the kids will pick up on your anxiety and react. Take lots of NEW stuff for them to play with but only if they are seated! If all else fails, give them some Benadryl! haha Just kidding... ;)

    Iam super excited for you to meet your personal trainer! That is such an awesome deal! Ask her if she knows of anyone in the Portland, Oregon area doing the same! I would LOVE a personal trainer to come to my home! One that is affordable too!

    Have you heard of My Fitness Pal! It is a place to track calories and exercise. Super easy to use and it is free. Most any food you think of is in their data base so you don't have to add in all the details. You can have "friends" on there and encourage each other. I really enjoy using that site. If you sign up, let me know.

    I can't wait to hear about your personal training experience! Have a great day!


  2. Crazy parents also winter in FL...and they live in a 5th Wheel while there. They are in Clermont near Orlando though. Clerbrook is the name of their park. My little guys (aged 4 and 3 when we go)and I are going to stay with them in April when we go down for my Spring Break (I'm a teacher). Lots in common!

    Lucky you on the PT! I have always wanted to purchase some sessions but have been too chicken. I actually didn't even measure myself at the New Year when I started eating better and exercising more. I took pics though...not pretty. Can't wait to hear how the PT goes!


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