Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Monday Thoughts...

- I think my stomach is finally getting used to not eating crap all day. I'm still hungry a lot, but it's not the dull, aching hunger I usually have

- WTF was up with the freaking thunder storm we had in the middle of the night last night... in Michigan... in the middle of winter... with booming loud thunder.  ANNOYED! You are lucky you didn't wake my kids up Mr. Thunder!

 - I've made my husband the "bad guy" when it comes to the war with the pacifier and my son J. He's not supposed to have it outside of his bed, but I let him when the husband is gone. He knows this and when he hears the garage door open up, he will run and put it back in his bed... I know, I'm an a**hole.

- Cannot wait for The Bachelor tonight

- I heart wine

- Because of loving the wine, I have had to make a pact with myself that I'm not allowed to have a glass unless I've worked out that day. Wonder if that's why I've worked out 7 days in a row so far...

- S was moved up to the Big Girl Room (aka the Orange Room) at daycare today. I'm soooooooooooo scared she's going to get pushed around by the big kids

- I always feel like I can't wait to get out of the house and away from the kids for a bit. But when I finally leave, I kinda just want to go back home and play with them

- I would give my right kidney right now, if someone gave me just a little piece of chocolate

 - The next 7 days with my husband gone are going to suck. I am going to try and have more patience with my kids so I don't spend the next 7 days yelling at them.

- I hate that facebook is blocked at work. Though I can understand because I'd be on it all day if we did.

- Now that I've been talking about wine, I sorta want a glass right now

- If you read my last Random Thoughts post a few weeks ago, you would have seen my confession that the book on tape I was currently listening to was a teen book (didn't realize it when I got it). But I fell in love with the teen book so much, that I've now gotten a few others of the same author's books now. Man I love a good teen romance...


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