Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Feeling

So I put my work pants on this morning and they are really starting to get big on me. They are totally loose around my tummy. That's always a GREAT way to start off the day and week. FINALLY things are starting to come together for me. I almost wish I had weighed myself, just to see. But by that point I already had my morning coffee. I am one of "those" weighers, that weighs myself the first second after I get up in the morning after my morning pee (sorry TMI). But anyway, I'm happy about it.

I had a fabulous weekend. Not only in eating and working out but also just in fun in general. My husband was home all weekend, which made it really fun. We got snow all three days, (Fri/Sat/Sun) so I shoveled the driveway all three days. I definitely worked up a sweat doing that. After that, I pulled my son around on his sled. He's 40lbs, and I wrapped the rope from his sled around my waste and ran circles around my house, pulling him. We've got a hill on each side of the house, not a huge hill, but big enough that we sled down it, and pulling him up that hill, while running was HARD. I was literally covered in sweat when I was done. I tried to do that each day we were out there. Not only a great workout for me, but J loved it. He kept yelling "faster mommy! faster!" the whole time.

Eating wise I also did great. I've been doing the protein shakes for breakfast lately, and they aren't too bad. I wouldn't say they filled me up, but nothing healthy ever seems to anyway.

I finally went to see Breaking Dawn last night (yes, I'm a Twilight nerd). It was awesome. I met my sister in Lansing at the theater. Lansing is the halfway point between where she lives in Detroit and I live in Grand Rapids. Afterwards we went to have a bite to eat. We ended up splitting 2 chicken breasts entree. I was proud of myself for not eating bad. Restaurant eating is really hard for me. I ALWAYS want to get something bad. Lucky for me, my sister is super healthy and so that made it easier for me to choose healthy too. The 2 glasses of wine I had... probably not as healthy.

My husband has already lost 10lbs. F*cker. How someone who is already thin and in shape can lose 10lbs since Christmas is beyond me. Hopefully I'm at the 10lb mark myself. I think I'll weigh myself on Wednesday just to see where I'm at.

My husband left this morning for a trip and won't be back until Thursday night and then flies all day Friday on a day trip. So I'm on my own this week. Workouts will be sparse, but hopefully I can squeeze a bit in here and there. My trainer comes on Saturday again, so I know I'll get a great workout in then. So I will have to make sure I'm really careful with my eating this week, since I won't get a super long workout in. But even just getting 15 minutes in here and there is better than nothing.

Ok, back to work. I'm up to my eyeballs in freelance work this week, along with my regular work I do at my job.


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