Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holy L.A.

A here.

My husband doesn't travel often so when he does it throws me ALL off. He is in L.A. for business and has been cooling out in Hollywood. To know my husband this is a TOTAL oxymoron. He shopped on Rodeo Drive and I cannot believe he didn’t burst into flames the minute his foot hit the sidewalk. Anywhoo - somewhere along the way he got me a present so if for nothing else I cannot wait for him to get home! Our 4yo son, B believes his dad is in Hollywood because he "sang so good" (we watched American Idol last night) and he’s convinced his dad is going to show up on the show. Too cute for words!

Lets start with a positive, I've lost 2 lbs! HOORAY! In part, I believe its due to me not drinking both nights last week. I have to chill back on the wine, it's how I got the weight off the first time and I know its how I'll get if off again. Well, that and Zumba.

The negative. I had Annie's Mac & Cheese with B last night mixed with home-made Chorizo. Because what goes better with Annie's than Chorizo - really? So totally unnecessary but OMG so good. I woke up slightly angry with myself and ate only 2 mandarin oranges this morning for breakfast to try and balance the filth. And yes, filth.

Another negative, E sent me a text - "hey baby, miss and love you, don’t forget to take out the trash". Not much sets me off these days but for some reason I wanted to kill him for this. Note to self, must address anger issues later - when there is time. Sure.

I will say, with him not traveling much this week, while uber tough has also made me realize just how much he does. Makes me miss him so much and alleviates SOME of the trash text anger...but not much.

Off an running to another day, Get Skinny my web friends!

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  1. I feel your pain, A. Welcome to my life... sounds like you and B had a fun mommy week though.


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